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7 most effective marketing ideas for Facebook with zero investment

Have you ever wondered how some companies are leveraging this medium more effectively than their “rich” competitors by investing as little as nothing? Well, it’s nothing but a well-defined strategy for different social media channels.
Here are 7 most effective marketing ideas on Facebook utilizing global trends and user stats more effectively to increase engagement.


Always keep in mind that people aren’t active on Facebook to learn about your business, so your strategy should be to share something inspiring and exciting that encourages them to share.

[box style=”1″]Takeaway – Focus on positive breed engagement and sharing.[/box]


The most appealing updates are the ones that offer something interesting, but here is the trick – Don’t disclose everything, share a link on one of your most relevant page and make fans want to click to know more.

[box style=”1″]Takeaway – It’s better to keep a little suspense and encourage them to take an action.[/box]


If you are sharing a link on Facebook, make sure you are using URL tracking tools (, google URL shortener) to measure the number of clicks you shared on Facebook. For a more detailed report, you could go with Google URL Builder tool to measure user activities on Facebook directly in your Google Analytics.

[box style=”1″]Takeaway – It’s good to be active, but never forget to measure.[/box]


Needless to say that Facebook is very pictorial, according to heat map analysis report, posts with images get higher amount of engagement on Facebook. You should always share high quality images with your Facebook updates (you can consider image stock sites for better results). Standard image size for Facebook updates is 800*600 px.

[box style=”1″]Takeaway – Share compelling images that encourages users to take an action on your posts.[/box]


Use simple imagery that is easily visible on different screen sizes because 70% of your fans will see posts on their phones. Facebook users are more active on mobile phones than on desktops/laptops. Try sharing content which is less than 200 words with an interesting image that can be easily visible on mobile devices.

[box style=”1″]Takeaway – More then 1 billion users are active on mobile devices which is nearly 70% of the total users. Share something that is readable and conveniently visible.[/box]


Using the above five mentioned strategies for your Facebook page would not make it ‘delicious’ enough (pun intended) unless you add one more ingredient of “Engagement”. Posts don’t just grab attention, comments and responses unless shared with the right community. Join relevant groups, be active and build relationships through conversation dialogues with your content.

[box style=”1″]Takeaway –Join relevant groups and encourage your users to share their opinions on your Facebook updates.[/box]


Post when your audience is listening, not just when your business is open. You have to be connected so you can respond quickly to your fans and business queries that will ensure more engagement from users. Always try to develop a personal connect with them by showing gratitude and asking for their opinions on your brand and services.

[box style=”1″]Takeaway –Best time to share content on Facebook is 1pm to 4pm, however 8pm to 8am is considered as the least engaging time on Facebook.[/box]


A completely free platform with more then 1.28 billion users worldwide (100 million active users in India), Facebook is undoubtedly one of the best social media platforms to connect with your target audience, engage with them and eventually convert them for a business lead.