Lenovo Campaign

1. Lenovo India – #VibeUpMyLife

With number of phones dispatching every other day, it’s truly difficult to make your phone emerge among a troupe of cell phones. The test was to locate a jumble breaking way to build unite with the quick moving and element millennial for them to find a phone that fits their lifestyle.

Identified Objectives
The goal of the #VibeupMyLife campaign was to associate with Indian millennial today to show them that the World’s initially layered phone, is much the same as them and can adjust to their layered way of life, having numerous sides, measurements to it like romance, thrill, bling, mischief, masala or just about anything!
The #VibeUpMyLife, a 72-hour constant social media marketing campaign connected with the crowd around a Photo Challenge which is about having a great time by doing cool and interesting things to the photos by adding layers to it and involved art, tech, social media with request pouring on facebook and twitter.
The challenge was hosted on the campaign’s dedicated microsite, www.vibeupmylife.com.
They gave away 10 VibeX2 layered phones to the most popular entries.

Everybody appreciates a touch of flavor in his or her standard boring lives. A mix of a ton of things we do every day, give life an intriguing twist. Taking motivation from this, the #VibeUpMyLife campaign a first of its kind constant engagement around an Art-A-Thon on Twitter and Facebook in India was about including that spirit of vibing up life with layers.
The website kept in focus the thought of being ‘built in layers’ and demonstrated the advancement of the layered phone being built during the 3 days of the campaign.

First and foremost brand in India to do a live coverage of #vibeupmylife on Snapchat.


  • #vibeupmylife conversations received around 500 entries on Day 1
  • Campaign sparked conversations around the layered phone on social and campaign website
  • Both Lenovo_in and #vibeupmylife trended naturally in Mumbai on Twitter on the very first day
  • #vibeupmylife conversations received more than 1500 entries
  • 5M individuals reached on Facebook of which 80K individuals drew in around #VibeUpMyLife content on Facebook
  • Twitter earned 585K impressions
  • More than 10000 people engaged on Twitter and drove layered conversations
  • A walloping 2351 individuals started their layered trip for the 72 hour Art-a-thon after visiting the microsite
  • #vibeupmylife received 3000 mentions on Twitter


People love being snared on to energizing quality substance on online networking like interesting engaging visual imagery, challenging content, and incentives.


2. Philips Male Grooming – #LikeABrat

Problem Statement
Philips Personal Care was trying to reinforce its portfolio by showcasing the new “Professional Skin Advance Trimmer Range” of items which is built keeping in mind, the Indian male buyers.

Identified Objectives
The goal was to enlist 14-20 year old students as first time clients in the electrical male grooming establishment and position Philips Pro Skin Advance Trimmer Range, as the first preference “to get the cool macho look that you want”. They needed to drive infiltration in the target markets from 2.2% to 5% by 2014.

We searched out to make a stage, where the audience could connect with the brand and comprehend the need of easygoing styling, which would drive more sales of the items.

It began with a definitive BRAT of the nation, Arjun Kapoor. His tough appearance, consolidated with hislikeabrat differentiating enchanting grin, had made him ideal for today’s generation. So we decided to rope in Arjun Kapoor as a new face of Philips India Grooming Range and empower young men to get the trimmed look, with one-of-a-kind campaign – #likeabrat.
Thus, an interactive stage www.likeabrat.com was made, with a plan to frame a section of easygoing styling for the young men of today.

The campaign commenced with a teaser on www.likeabrat.com which showcased charming shots of Arjun Kapoor, requesting visitors think about what he was up to, along with content on Social Media around hashtag #likeabrat to create interest and encourage conversations.
Aspiring Brats were called to take part in the esteemed Brathood on www.likeabrat.com. Those who thought, they had the persona to lead and change, needed to enlist on the website and vow their integrity.

Conversations sparked on Philips India social media channels around Brat, with #likeabrat being the vital handle for communication.
The true BRAT has to perform certain dares that would judge his personality and attitude, so that he would get a chance to feature on a TV show on MTV.


  • The campaign succeeded in accomplishing brand exposure of more than 45 M while the brand communications crossed 4 lakhs altogether
  • The hashtags #LikeAbrat and #LiveLikeAbrat got trending on Twitter and generated over 28 M impressions
  • More than 10 lakh worth of earned media was acquired. The visitor count on the website crossed over 1.1 lakhs
  • Above all, the campaign came about into gigantic interest of the trimmer, prompting stock shortage incidentally

A campaign should not be for more than 1 month. Aside from reserving brand ambassadors for TVCs, print, features and so on, brands ought to attempt to get their association on social channels to give a help to the campaign.


3. Hindustan Unilever – #BeBeautiful

Problem Statement
HUL, in 2009, saw the indications of development in content marketing and sensibly put resources into #BeBEAUTIFUL – their special content platform began by seven of HUL’s greatest brands – Lakme, Dove, Pond’s, Vaseline, Sunsilk, TRESemme, Toni & Guy.
BeBEAUTIFUL, in its old avatar, was an exceptionally brave and ground breaking activity yet it didn’t play to the qualities of content marketing.
The main problems with the platform were:

  • Divided approach in their communication strategy – the platform for distinctive channels of communication, bringing in no clear understanding for the platform in the minds of the customers
  • No underlying content strategy

Too much dependence on paid media – the platform didn’t have any natural readership and almost 95% of their audience was paid – a fact that defeats the entire purpose of a content platform

Identified Objectives
The social media campaign #BeBeautiful introduced by Hindustan Unilever was in a broad sense intended to team up every last bit of its seven brands (Lakme, Dove, Ponds, Vaseline, Sunsilk, Tresemme and Toni &Guy) together with a single promotion strategy and bring gathering of people on their platforms through content marketing, so that it can be attained by every woman.

Other key objectives were:

  • To have a content strategy to engage the audience across all the social media platforms
  • Promote the brand, its products and build a rapport of the brand in the market through social media marketing organically

The core strategy to draw in the group of onlookers was to furnish them with a platform where they can read, share and use beauty related data in their day to day routine for a superior life. This platform also worked together with bloggers who blog about fashion, way of life and related fields.
Hyper-Personalization: To join with the gathering of people and enlist new clients for their items, the coordinators chose to patch up the brand’s websites alongside the online networking platforms. The UI of the website and the blog was improved for the simplicity of surfing.

How-to Blogs: To move ahead in the race against its competitors in the market, HUL decided to go for personalized content rather than generic content. To implement this, they decided to get bloggers who would create content, both in text and in video formats and shared on the website, on blogs, Facebook and Twitter to increase the engagement of the audience and build a rapport of the brand in the market.

The social media campaign #BeBeautiful garnered a total of 2.3 million visitors throughout the campaign out of which 6 lakh people came only through the social media handles. BeBEAUTIFUL’s YouTube channel, with 50,000 subscribers and more than 30 million views, is one of the most watched beauty channels in India due to its original content.

  • The number of organic visitors increased from 15,000 to 2.5 lakhs within a span of 5 months.
  • The reach of the brands of HUL on #BeBeautiful were:
    • Lakme – 4.3 million organic impressions
    • Dove – 830,000 organic impressions
    • Pond’s – 275 organic impressions
    • Toni & Guy – 323,000 organic impressions
    • Vaseline – 890,000 organic impressions
    • We also have the most successful blogger engagement plan in India

4. Revlon India – Choices

Problem Statement
The more youthful customers in India don’t instantly relate to Revlon as a brand. Revlon needs to be more relevant to the 18-35 year old Indian lady, as this is the present and future TA for the brand.

Identified Objective
The Choices Campaign is anticipated to fulfill the following objectives:

• Bring out the Brands “Point of View” – That they are the Provocateur of women
• Be relevant and relatable to the new Indian consumer
• Establish the brand’s image as being bold and glamorous
• Be seen as the brand that moves and incites ladies to venture out of their comfort zone

From the minute the Revlon woman gets up in the morning, all that she does is a choice. Choices by Revlon urge women to consider parts of her life that she may not routinely consider, while in the meantime fortifying her entitlement to make her own life choices. The particular women that Revlon is focusing on are the ones that are at the cutting edge of a cultural shift.
The central part of the campaign is the Facebook Application. Every month, a theme will be made and then views of the fans are gathered.

The campaign is further supported by the following key elements:

Bloggers – For each theme, a key opinion leader who is a specialist in that field is drawn nearer to band together with Revlon as the official blogger for Choices.

Twitter – This is an incredible approach to accumulate insight into the mentality of Indian women. Twitter is also used to create engagement through fast contests.

Content – All through the Choices campaign, we have kept on making custom Revlon content on the themes as well as on the items that Revlon is launching.

In-Store – The Choices theme is likewise taken in-store through collaterals and activities that adjust with the subject of the month.

The campaign has added more than 300,000 fans to the group and made engagement rates as high as 60% for the brand.


5. Garnier Men – Missed call ad Facebook

Problem Statement
With the rapid growth of e-commerce in India Garnier Men needed to get the open door. Remembering this it expected to convey to its consumers a never before seen experience by means of digital.
Garnier Men wanted to create a campaign that allowed a unique, seamless and direct user experience which was guaranteed to increase participation rather than IVR led campaigns which face high level of drop outs.

Identified Objectives
Leverage the relationship as preparing supporters for Rajasthan Royals & SunRisers Hyderabad for IPL 7 while in the meantime aiming to increment online sales.

The Mobile Power Play was an insights sponsored development drove campaign by Garnier Men, the official sponsors of Rajasthan Royals and SunRisers Hyderabad.

With over 180 million mobile users in India, the brand saw great opportunity in mobile marketing.
Most importantly, Garnier Men was the first brand globally to partner with Facebook to launch the ‘Missed Call Ad’. The campaign also had a desktop form, facilitated on the brand’s blog – ‘www.thegarniermen.com’.
With an all-encompassing media plan the brand secured platforms, for example, sports websites, Google Search/Display and obviously Facebook. To top it all off, campaign gained over 500+media exposures from global as well as local publications.


• Total Campaign Reach – 15 Million
• Increase In Online Sale (YOY) – 250%
• Total Calls – 12,686
• Total Engagement – 239,205
• Total Impressions – 15,119,706
• Total Clicks – 85,203
• Blog Participants – 2,815

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