Twitter standout amongst all the social media websites available on the internet, if it’s true potential is utilized accurately, it can help you drive quality traffic to your site or blog and help you gain loyal followers.
In this blog we will focus on how to run a successful twitter campaign, how to keep and increase your followers and what need to be done to increase your business leads.

The Twitter Philosophy

What’s Twitter?

Twitter is a platform that helps you to communicate and interact with target audience,itupdates you on what’s happening across the world in just 140 characters. As happens in all social media, you have to invest time and lots of efforts to build a strong relation with your follower and to enhance your online brand image. So for those of you who don’t have sufficient time and energy we would recommend you not to use Twitter.

Twitter is one of the best social media channel to develop a two-way communication with your followers and increase awareness of your brand significantly. If you look at the popularity of Twitter, on average around 7000 tweets are tweeted every second. Twitter should be taken as a serious channel and need significant amount of consistent effort to get optimal results.
Now that we know what twitter does and how it can help you, we can start with the 12 Tips to run a successful Twitter Campaign

1. Know your industry and analyze your competitors

The first thing to do is to analyze your competition, keep a check on what they have been doing on their social media handle and then find out your target audience. You need to keep a track of what are the trending topics and then to reach out influential people of your industry on twitter. You can also analyze your competitors’ campaigns and see what more they could have done.

Twitter is very useful in finding out the hot topic in your area. You can also use tools like Twitonomy, Topsy and Twitter Advance Search to follow and find influential people. These tools helps you keep a track of your competition and also monitor your tweets and the influence it had on your followers. If you want to learn more read the article how to choose the right social media channel.

2. Support your tweets with blog posts

On Twitter you can find interesting articles and blog posts. Have in mind that since you only have 140 characters per message you should be keep it simple and trendy so that it attracts your follower’s attention. Make sure what you write is helpful and well structured, find a short and attractive title and post it on Twitter along with the URL of your blog. In this way not only you will increase the number of your followers but also you will lead traffic to your website.

3. Promote fresh content

As mentioned above, users can easily find on Twitter what is going now around the world, what’s new and what’s hot. Tweeting about new articles, tips and news. On twitter you can always tweet about older “best seller” tips and articles that are still valid and useful to the users.


4. Create a list of useful messages

Create a list of interesting articles, tips and references for marketing use them as tweets. Since you can’t be on Twitter 24/7 but It’s very important to tweet often and give quality messages and tips to your followers. This list should contain information about your industry, useful tips and references to your blog.

TwitterFeed and similar services can be handy tools that will allow you to connect your blog with twitter or schedule your future tweets when you are not available. Just remember that even though such services can be helpful, they should not replace you on social media.

5. Answer questions

People tend to use Twitter to ask questions. Monitor regularly what people ask on subjects that you know or on topics that you have already covered on your blog and try to help them out. Not only they will appreciate your help and they will follow you but also this could be a great inspiration in order to find new topics for your blog.

6. Be responsive

Check what people say about you but also you should reply to them. Thank the people that support you and try to help them with their queries. This will help you develop bond and connection with other people of your industry, get feedback or even have the chance to reply to negative comments before they spread. People appreciate it when you reply to them, especially when you start becoming influential.

7. Create affiliations

Retweet interesting and influential tweets that you find useful and give credit to the original authors. Contact persons with similar interests, exchange views, provide feedback to them, help them support their projects or spread the word and build affiliations. The secret is to be honest  and invest in long term relationship.

8. Reward your supporters

If you post quality tweets, people will follow you. This will not happen overnight but if you stay for a while as a regular user you will get your own loyal audience. Remember to appreciate your top contributors and the people that supported you. As we said above not only you need to monitor what users say and be responsive but also to make sure you provide something back to the people that helped you spread the word about your business.

9. Place twitter buttons on your website

You need to make it easy for people that like your website or blog to share it with other users. Make sure you place social bookmark buttons on your blog in order to make it easier for people to spread the word.

10. Create special offers

If you have a relatively big target audience it would be a great idea to create special offers only for the twitter users. This can help you create a buzz, increase the number of your followers and reward people that follow you. By using hashtags to promote your art, you not only reach your regular followers with your message, you also reach a group of people who follow the hashtags.

11. Build landing pages for twitter users

In cases you have a special offer for your twitter followers, you need to create a landing page especially optimized for Twitter. This can help you control the normal time that individuals spend on your site, enhance your viability and expand your income

12. Be cool & honest

People can understand it when you try to use them or spam them. Be honest and cool. Try to have fun on social media and avoid spamming people or posting only about your business. If you are too busy to invest time or too hasty, social media can harm your business because you will get labeled as spammer.

Remember: To be effective you have to enjoy what you are doing. Have a fun, speak the truth, be straightforward and post quality substance. This is the best approach to build an effective online brand image.