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5 ways to increase Customer Retention with simple Social Media tips

Nowadays, social media marketing has become a powerful weapon to communicate with customers. Getting feedback/reviews on your products or services is a must for brands or businesses to evolve and learn more about their consumer behaviour. Social Media helps you to engage with your customers and to keep them informed about your products/services and deepen your connection via posting interesting or engaging content.

Here we discover five ways to increase customer retention via social media.

  • Personal and Genuine Interactions

Social media marketing is the best way to promote the services your brand caters to. It is quiet logical to think that a brand’s social network influences the buyer’s buying behaviour. Businesses usually tend to think that interacting with customers online is much different than meeting and interacting with them in personal. However, there is no such difference; your key audience will reply positively if through your communication you make them feel valued. It is always advised to see your customers as real people approach them with compassion and understanding rather than seeing them as numbers on your spreadsheet data. Your customers tend to feel connected by observing the way you interact with them. Listening to the customers for their feedback is important and if you want to be successful then you need to genuinely care about the people on the other side of the screen.

  • Easy to find on Social Media

Paying attention to your social media platforms is obvious but still many companies fail to promote themselves there or are restricting themselves to one or two platforms. Your customers expect you to be where they are although customer care centres are valuable they still would like to get in touch with you through easy networks. And don’t forget the increasing number of customers that are active on social media these days.

  • Proactively contact the lost customers’ social peers

It is quite often that customers leave you if they aren’t very happy with your services/products or just want to discontinue with you for no solid reason. Reach out to their social network to nurture them through the initial period of loss. Now what seem difficult is how can we cater to others in the customer’s network? With the data on your fingertips it isn’t as hard as it may sound. For retail brands if you have acquired most of your customers through ‘tag a friend’ campaign then tap the original customer and target them with a communication plan.

  • Populate Word of Mouth

As a retention strategy via social media marketing, helping your customers spread the word for you is a great technique. It won’t just help you retain your customers but also find new ones. Whether you are listening or not your customers are talking about you on social media. Look out for their testimonials and share it with your other customers. It could be a powerful social media proof and trigger sales for your brand.

  • Ask for a Feedback

For those doing social media marketing know how important or cost effective the feedbacks from your customers are. Don’t be hesitant to ask your customers for a review or a feedback. A lot of times your customers forget to review you even when they were happy about the product or service. It is completely okay to call/text them for a review reminder. Also, be open to all kinds of feedback- good or bad. It’s through the feedback you grow and improve.

  • An Engagement Plan

Activities are the next step to grow your customer relationship. Rewarding your existing customers would make them love you more and shop with you often. Make sure you have a marketing calendar ready monthly basis and keep them engaged in conversations, promotional activities, any seasonal campaigns, etc. However, effective customer retention takes time and effort for any business.

A good understanding of your target customers and to know how to approach them in the right manner is the key to success for every brand. You can encourage greater loyalty with the above-mentioned tactics and in the process, you will leave a lasting business impact.

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