Communication is essential to carry out the consistency for transferring of information between a sender and a receiver through various channels. In the case of social media, the communication can be human as well as machine based. If the communication process is bad then it can lead to many misunderstandings and is eventually going to destroy the brand’s goodwill. In a communication barrier one is unable to receive or send thoughts, ideas, and information which can happen due to different kinds of obstructions. These obstacles could be differences in viewpoint, cultural and language barriers, lack of trust, network disability and many more. The aim of every company should be to understand the current barriers, also to predict and remove the future barriers that could come in the way of communicating. 4 types of communication that one has to keep in mind are verbal, non verbal, written and visual communication. All of these are not only supposed to be sorted between the customer and the brand but it should also be maintained between the employees and the employer. Miscommunication between the employer and employee will make product creation and promotion difficult whereas the same miscommunication between the brand and its target audience will decrease the demand. Today we will tell you about the 5 major communication barriers that are usually faced by social media handlers and how you can overcome them to make your job easy. Also, you are free to discover your own way out to overcome these barriers.

Physical Barriers: This barrier arises when anything in the physical environment and not inside one’s mind stands in between the sender and it’s receiver. For example, verbal announcements not being heard, face-to-face interaction is delayed, customer’s feedback is pending, or messages being sent to the customer when they are offline, etc. To avoid this barrier between the colleagues it is suggested that every announcement should be made in a shared conference room and presentations should be distributed among all so that no one misses out the important information. To make your thoughts reach to the customers on time it is important that your social media scheduling is updated from time to time. Also, the usage of high quality visual communication has solved the issue of travelling.

Cultural and Language Barriers: Cultural barriers arise when people from different cultural backgrounds try to communicate one language. As India is a diverse country it is very much possible to misinterpret cultures if not communicated properly. Whereas the language barrier arises when there is difficulty in understanding the dialects and language by different groups of people. To avoid this problem research on the cultural differences and make your content polite. Use a reliable translation for better understandability. Do not put biased statements about cultures rather ask for each other’s opinion and share the knowledge with one another.

Credibility Barriers: This arises when the audience is confused about what to trust and what not to. There is vast information available on the internet and every brand claims to be the best. There are many manipulative contents as well as there are times when the audience gets wrongly influenced if the content is incomplete. To overcome this it is important that you earn the trust of your audience. You must proofread and tally that your idea doesn’t seem to be copied or misleading. Work on the feedback shared by your customers on an immediate basis so that they start relying on you. As long as you are able to make your customers happy, your brand will shine.

Emotional Barriers: Our audience connects to the content emotionally. If the content does not touch their heart they are not likely to be attracted. A barrier comes when anything in the content hurts their sentiments or gets too boring to catch their attention. First few seconds of any video or first few lines of the writeup should be relatable to customers’ current situation, only then you will be able to overcome the emotional barrier in communication. You must always aim at triggering the customer’s emotional connection.

Semantic Barriers: Today’s technological era is all about hashtags, emoticons and memes. But since everybody does not think in the same way it can cause a lot of trouble in understanding the interpretations. Also, one emoji can be used for many different emotions, this can also create confusion. To overcome such barriers it is important that we use precise and exact words which do not give many different meanings. Also, proofread is a must before uploading because the google algorithm keeps on changing time to time.

There are many more barriers that you will face with experience. But each of them has its own solution. You need to keep maintaining the protocols by keeping your clients and audience on priority to maintain consistency. By proper scheduling and learning from the past barriers you can overcome all the communication barriers with ease.

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