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7 Key features of designing a great logo

7 Key Features of Designing a Great Logo

What do you think of when we talk about companies like “Nike” or “Facebook”, or even
“McDonalds”? Chances are you instantly thought of the logos of these great companies. A great
logo will straightaway call the brand to mind. The logo is a feature of the company’s commercial
brand or economic entity, and its outlines, hues, letterings, and pictures usually are strikingly
dissimilar to all the other logos in the same market niche. Basics of a great logo design help
make it reliable, modest, different, adaptable, suitable, targeted, unforgettable and everlasting.
This is why you shouldn’t just slap some pictures and text together and call it a day. This is the
literal representation of your corporation – it’s the first impression you leave on possible
customers, before you even “load the gun”.
It’s because this icon is so imperative to your corporation – whether it be home construction, real
estate, health and beauty, fashion or finance – that the design procedure must aim to make the
logo immediately identifiable. It must inspire faith, appreciation, devotion and an indirect
Here are 7 key elements of a great logo design:

1. Credibility
Your logo needs to look specialized and vibrant in order to assure people that you are the
person they would want to do business with. This pretty much omits any sort of clip art or logos
built with an online logo producer.

2. Simplicity
DO streamline the design. DON’T overcomplicate things.
Effortlessness and straightforwardness communicate self-assurance and supremacy, which is
what you want.
Whatever font you end up using, make sure it is simple and easy to read, yet avoid the most
frequently used fonts, such as Comic Sans. You don’t want your design to appear substandard.
One font is perfect. Avoid having more than two font types.

3. Distinct
DO try and stand out of the crowd. DON’T try and blend in.

You want your logo to be exclusive, familiar, and set apart from other player’s in the market.
Take a look at your competitors’ brand logos before you decide on your own.

4. Versatility
DO consider various uses. DON’T design for just one size.
In the digital realm, it’s vital that your brand logo does equally well across a range of sizes for
various devices. In addition to being your logo, it may also have to assume the task of being a
favicon, profile picture, or representation for your social media handles. Make sure the font is
still readable when scaled down, particularly with script fonts.

5. Appropriateness

DO think about your industry. DON’T be too blatant.
Along with visual hints you want to pick typefaces and shades that communicate your brand
message. Choose design essentials that further improve your brand image and spread your
brand message.
Color increases the recognition of the brand by 80%, and 93% of clients say that graphic
appearance (which includes the logo) is the top influencer for them in settling on a purchase.
The colors you choose should make people understand what your company wants to convey.
For example, yellow radiates joyfulness and hopefulness, while blue expresses belief and
safety, and green is allied with prosperity or relaxation.
Choose shapes that convey comfort and dependability. Circles tend to indicate protection, while
square or rectangular shapes suggest security and firmness.

6. Targeted
DO design for your future audience. DON’T forget the current consumers.
A great brand is an image of what your corporation is, what your corporation desires to be, and
how people perceive your corporation—and your brand should also be based on what your
target audience wants and needs you to be.

7. Timeless
DO aim for longevity. DON’T be too up-to- the-minute.

While a modern looking logo indicates that you are conscious of recent trends and are going to
employ the most innovative strategies to help your consumers, you will also be using your logo
for many years. Create a logo that you can live with.

In short, think long and hard about what your company stands for and what kind of logo is going
to do justice to it for all the years to come. It can make or break your company’s image. But
having said that do not let it deter you. Just keep the above points in mind and you should have
your logo primed and ready to go.