So the year has almost come to an end and this has been quite a year for social media campaigns. So far, we have seen some very interesting campaigns and unique use of social media. The social media marketing agencies are to gain a lot of appreciation in this case. So without any further ado, let’s have a quick look at some of the most influential social media campaigns for the year 2016.

To begin with, we have a campaign called ‘LIKE A GIRL’. Yes, proctor & gamble. The always feminine-hygiene brand confronted the much talked about gender norms by asking people to change their perception about what it means to ‘act like a girl’. The videos went viral on all social media channels where kids were seen representing how to punch like a girl, throw like a girl or fight like a girl.

The goals were set right to drive an emotional connect and build awareness, ultimately leading to boost purchase intent. The result led to increase in sales intent from 40% to 60%. It was the most viewed video campaign in proctor & gamble’s history so far with 76 million views globally.

Next is ‘KEEP THE FLAME ALIVE’ campaign. This campaign was an initiative by Johnnie Walker, the whisky brand challenged Lebanon, a pessimist country to share more hopeful messages on social media.

The goal was to simply create awareness, preference, sales and traffic for the brand which resulted in 20% increase in their market share

The other social media campaign which made a mark this year was ‘I WILL WHAT I WANT’. It was a sportswear brand initiative which tried to broaden its appeal amongst women. It revolved around their new approach- fitness and later evolved into a bi cultural insight on what it means to be a woman in 21st century. The campaign became a rallying cry that women all over the world could truly call their own.

The goal was to win altogether a new massive target audience, build awareness, brand upliftment and increase in sales. The results were 5 billion media impressions with 42% boost in traffic and 28% lift in sales.

Last but not the least social media campaign of 2016 was ‘SHARE YOUR EAR’ campaign by Disneyland Resorts and Disney Park. The fans were invited to share images of them wearing Mickey Mouse ears or any other creative interpretation of ears on social media channels. For every share using the hash tag #ShareYourEar, Walt Disney Resort and parks will donate $5 to Make-A-Wish Foundation, America. They invited people to share and help unlock more wishes.

The results were overwhelming and Disney parks donated $2 million to Make-A-Wish foundation, double the original pledge.

The round-up of these social media campaigns of 2016 proved to be the most creative, unique and highly effective use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and youtube). With every day passing by most of the brands are using social media to build awareness and boost their traffic and sales or broaden their target audience. The hash tag campaign is pretty prevalent and visible across all industries but what is the secret sauce of a fantastic marketing campaign- keep your campaign authentic and fun.

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Ring in the New Year with confetti, champagne and warm wishes!

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