If social is where people are spending maximum time and we have a Facebook page, do we really need a website? 

As a digital marketer in India, you must have faced this question from a client across various business verticals. To answer this question and help your clients understand why they need a website along with the Facebook business page, here are some reasons:

  • Users time on Facebook: Just because people spend lot of time on a Facebook, doesn’t mean they spend a lot of time on your Facebook page. The average time people spend on Facebook pages is pretty low as thousand of pages are ‘liked’ by users and many of them are casual ‘likes’.Facebook vs Website
  • Business dependency on different servers: Your website data and communication is controlled by you, the marketer. In Facebook, you have no control over your data. Facebook policies can change overnight and all your money spent on getting millions of ‘likes/fans’ could seem futile. In short you are completely dependent on Facebook.
  • Restricted creativity: Facebook pages are also very limited in terms of creativity. They are more or less standardized widths and heights. It’s always stifling to express your brand under such stringent guidelines.
  • Facebook Ads are less improved: Facebook can show ads of your competitors to users of your Facebook page. Unlike Google Search, there is no ‘trademark’ protection of ‘keywords’.
  • Lack of search engine visibility: Facebook page are not search engine friendly. Your website, if properly optimized, can get a lot of high quality traffic for free from Google Search, which your Facebook page will never get.
  • More possibilities with website: You can use a lot of analytics and pixels on your website to enable re- targeting of your website visitors, something Facebook pages have not yet proven to be robust enough to do or manage.