Design V/s Content, which one is more important? Which should be in the first place? If we look at the logical part, designers need content first, so logically content comes first place. Content gives designers a full picture of whatever they are going to create. Content first saves time. If the designer has content in hand it’s easy to create anything. If content and design are connected then the user experience will be better. Content works as a projection for designers, because without content designers not gonna understand what they need to create. And with the help of elaborated content which is having starting, strategy, results in everything in it, then it hardly takes time to understand to designers what is the concept of the story.

It’s very easy for the content writers to give the story a focused and narrower goal so that designers need to work less to achieve the best out of content. As we know content and design work together, they don’t push each other, they push towards each other. 

Content and designs involve a team and this kind of good work is good for the digital marketing professionals for SEO. SEO is 100 % dependent on the fresh and authentic content and good designs for many other tags. SEO services completely depend on both content and design. Content and SEO are different according to the KRA of work. Content is something more general and SEO is a technical thing. But when we work together with the help of Digital marketer content writers write the content around the keywords which is the main part of SEO. and this small thing makes a good change in the website content in terms of SEO.

If SEO and content marketing work together generate good results :

  • SEO makes a website visible and approachable on search engines.
  • Any time when we upload new content on a website, search engines automatically catch it and show it in their results.
  • This thing increases the traffic on our website and then we again use the content and convert traffic into customers.
  • Good and authentic content brings quality visitors to the website as the content suggested by Google trends stays on the top of search results and further makes your website visible and attracts your target audience organically.

And if we come on the design part and SEO, then a good design also plays a very important role in SEO. While doing on-page SEO a good image or creatives plays a very vital role in it. Easy to read design comes under the good ranking of google search engine. And if a website contains banners like easy to read or understand then Google places that website in higher ranking. And this will help on-page SEO. 

So at last we can say Content V/s Design- SEO. Completely agree with this and both content and design are very important for SEO like they work for each other. Both will work for SEO together. For on-page SEO and off-page SEO, both content and designs play a very important role. Like for meta description and titles, we need content with keywords and for off-page SEO in ALT tags we need high-quality images where we need a design team to create magic.


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