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Designing the Right Logo

The old maxim about ‘’first impression is the last impression’’ still works true in business. Your logo represents your brand identity; it paints a true impression as to what your company represents. It is important that the Graphic Design agency that you rope in understands the overall objective of your brand. An indepth analysis of the brand plays an instrumental role in designing the right logo for an effective impression about your business.
A lot of experienced graphic designing companies say, ‘Great design is born out of two things- simplicity and clarity’. Talking about the legendary FedEx logo, with over 40 prestigious awards under its belt, it has coveted spot in Rolling stones magazine under the best logo category. It is a finesse concept of bold font, beautiful orange and purple with a hidden arrow in the white space.

Let’s think about the brand names which we cannot read without visualising the logo- Google, Apple, Nike, and IBM. From the colourful word mark to the half bitten apple, each is versatile, timeless, simple and memorable. They all contain the following essential key components one needs for an effective logo design.

UNIQUE YET MEMORABLE: It is very important to choose a good graphic designing firm as a unique logo design makes it memorable. Graphic designing companies suggest that a logo can be unique if you play around with colour scheme, designs or symbols and slogans.  A memorable logo shall spring to the mind at mere mention of that brand.

TIMELESS SIMPLICITY: When you say timeless simplicity, Coca Cola strikes in your head with its elegant red script; it is the same since 1885. Simple designs catch maximum eyes, for example, you would never mix apple’s apple with any other fruit. Also, graphic designers or rebranding campaigns costs money and small business enterprises would rather reinvest in other ways, hence, timeless yet simple logos last for decades.

RELEVANT BUT VERSATILE: A lot of graphic designing companies focus on a logo design that is relevant for the brand it identifies. It is important to accomplish logo design through in depth research to be able to differentiate from closely related competitors. With a relevant logo design, one should not forget to mark it with versatility, for example Nike swoosh; it is fantastic in color, design, black or white or even in a reverse print. It also works well in any size, whether printed on brochures, postcards or billboards.

Associating with an experienced graphic designing firm would help you create the face for your brand in your consumer’s mind. Whether your potential clients are reading about you in mailers or brochures, your logo should be simple, versatile, and relevant yet make your mark memorable.

The next big step is marketing the business after the logo is made based on these elements. Your brand is ready to be celebrated.