Is SEO really necessary for marketing my business? What is SEO? How does it work? These are the very basic questions that come to mind whenever anybody searches or reads about SEO. Concerns come when you get to know SEO for every search engine is different from google only. Bing has its own SEO and Amazon has its own SEO. in this blog we will discuss differences and similarities regarding all the SEOs available → 

Google SEOSearch engine optimization is a process of enhancing the quality and quantity of website traffic. Digital marketing people need to rank their websites according to keywords. Those who provide SEO services to others always wanted to show a website on at least the first page. Here SEO works and plays an integral role.

Bing SEO: Bing SEO is not much different from Google SEO as both work on the quality and quantity of the links. Content should be original and authentic. 

Amazon SEO: Amazon SEO is optimizing images, text, heading, and keywords for getting ranked the products listed on amazon. 

Difference and similarities of Google, Bing, Amazon SEO:

  • Design:

Google and Bing’s appearance is almost the same. Their website is the same as each other. The only slight difference is in the logo and fonts of the search engine. And when we talk about the Amazon website it’s an eCommerce website so this is completely different from other search engines. 

  • Search Algorithm:

The search algorithm is quite different from the three we are discussing. Google search intent is what users are searching on regular days, they show results according to interest worldwide. Bing shows the result according to interest but mainly focuses on local results. And at last amazon results are also location-wise. In amazon, you can filter out locations, countries, and cities.

  • Keywords:

As we all know that every SEO expert knows that every search engine has its own set of protocols for keywords search. Google and Bing have completely different sets of mind in teams keywords, while Bing is very open in terms of keywords niche but google has many limitations to rank a keyword on google. On bing, it is easy to rank a keyword with a very common niche but on Google, it’s not possible. As we all know the ranking of keywords is a very time taking process and it will nourish by the time. and on amazon keyword ranking is quite different because the amazon keyword is dependent on how total sales are done in a particular keyword listing.

  • Backlinks:

Google and Bing have their tools or experts to recognize the backlinks of the website. Google and Bing work on the number of backlinks a website has, what kind of website the features of their product, and how many good authority domains are also listed in the backlinks. As Bing has different criteria for this they focus on how old the website is and how reputable it is and kind of domain they give special ranking options. But goggle treated everyone in the same way you have to showcase a good amount of backlink with a good domain ranking. 

  • Ranking:

The website ranking for all search engines is a task that is continuously worked on. It is like a tree you have to work and feed the plant continues to bloom otherwise the plant will die, same if SEO is not done regularly on search engines website ranking gets hampered by some other factor.

While there are many similarities in the ranking factors considered by Bing, Amazon, and Google, it’s clear that there are enough differences in SEO tools, protocols, and tactics to ensure that your site ranks well. In short, every SEO needs time, patience, and regular work on the website or page we want to rank. We have to regularly update the content according to the latest SEO updates. SRO demands proactiveness.


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