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Digital Marketing Trends that will Dominate 2017

We have never seen the digital marketing industry slowdown. The steady rise in social media marketing has given rise to a lot of other new channels and platforms to reach out to the target audience. Marketing is a field which is well dominated by those with the foresight to plan ahead, anticipate changes and start working on those before your competitors do. The marketing strategies, customer acquisition tactics and growth channels are constantly evolving.

Although the basics of any marketing strategy remains the same- create a unique message, know your target audience, and understand their interests. It’s a constant learning of new consumption patterns for any marketer. We queried a few digital marketing expert agencies to know about their prediction for the year, 2017. Here’s what they have to say:

Video Marketing

According to the digital marketing experts, the industry is going to see hype in video marketing. As the modern customer increasingly feels empowered to connect with brands via social media, phone calls, and more, the rise in video marketing will become main stream. Just as social media became a huge platform for customers to communicate and for brands to connect; video will be the next big thing this year to ease pain points in a lot easy and efficient manner. This year, a lot brands will adopt video as the new normal in customer service.

The Snapchat’s powerful Geo filters

Snapchat still remains one of the powerful and most effective channels for brands to connect powerfully with their customers in creative and virtual ways. A lot of brands have effectively harnessed the power of snapchat’s geo filters. What exactly is a geo filter? – It is an image that overlays the Snapchat image or video. The overlay image can have your company’s logo or message. It is known to be a huge opportunity for an exponential amount of snapchatters to be exposed about your brand.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has always been the king in all your marketing strategies- be it Public Relations, Digital Media, or Social Media. It has safely secured the position in top 3 when it comes to marketing trends for companies or brands. As it has been, it will continue to grow in 2017 as well, said by Neha Bajaj, Managing Director of an Integrated Communications Firm. It is also important to note that just not content but the distribution also plays an important role; great content that doesn’t reach out to the right people doesn’t mean much. Marketers also need to focus on spending right, improving their email marketing game apart from just focussing on the traffic from SEO.

Influencer Marketing

Digital professionals say that live and real world initiatives like influencer marketing will combat the lack of authenticity, and brands will turn to influencers to build authenticity.

We have seen brands relying on real-world influencer events and activations to build organic reach with high engagements with the help of marketing agencies. It will be utilized in mass quantities to generate organic and engaging content for the brand and eventually add to the scope of digital marketing.

Predictive Analytics

It is believed by a lot of integrated agencies, that having analytics will really help bring out predictive customer service.

Businesses can reap the benefits of having customer’s history immediately when they contact for personalized help; based on their experiences, likes and preferences. The technology will also help predict what consumers want based on the patterns in their customer journey, helping strategies to be made around the wide array of consumers.

Digital marketing has gained a lot of popularity in last few years and the experts believe that it is going to expand further in the coming years. With more companies coming in, internet is becoming a hub for businesses to create presence and promote their services.

Which growth channel/tool are you going to use for your company this year?

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