According to a research conducted by a business consultancy firm, 30-40% more revenue is generated when brands engage & respond to customer services on social media. 67% of consumers use social media pages of brands to pose questions or communicate problems/complaints. Hence, with more customers using social media to connect with the brand, post queries, file complaints, appreciate services, companies have started realising the importance of client servicing through social media also.

Leading PR agencies across Delhi/NCR are of the opinion that since social media is assuming greater relevance for the companies, integrating social client servicing into day-to-day work routine is of utmost importance.

On the other hand, poor customer services to clients can tip the scales the other way. It’s said that more than half of the clients have stopped doing business with a company due to their bad customer response. That is why, it is often called the most important stake for brands to have a process in place to quickly identify, route and prioritise the response to customers resolving service issues on social media.

Ensure some hacks suggested by Social Media Marketing firms to inculcate social media servicing into our day to day routine.

Create a monitoring hub for a close watch on brand’s social media activity

Every social media marketing company should consider setting up list of keywords that defines your brand. Look out and research for all the phrases and keywords the audiences are often seen using for the brand. Leading PR agencies doing integrated social media for its clients are in favour of setting up searches for different variations, so that one is able to track customers or audiences engaging in discussions without tagging the business.

Listen to what your customers have to say

Many marketing firms are already familiar with social media marketing tools to keep a track on the brand’s social media pages for specific keyword searches. But listening to your customers for their views is equally important from a customer service perspective. Look for information like how man y questions appear to be written in a moment of frustration? How many are technical or account related question? How many perhaps provide feedback- negative or positive? These specifications will help you find out more about your social servicing etiquettes.

Using a private social media specific list to track your brand advocates

Usually brands with huge follower base constantly interact and engage in advocacy efforts which make it mandatory for social media managers to add trustworthy clients to a separate list.

PR or social and digital media agencies always suggest to maintain a private list that would allow them to organically interact, boost relationships despite reviewing the feed every time.

Track and manage volume and tone of your social media pages

The size of your company and industry vertically affects the social metrics. Some brands would see a lot of noise via social media and the challenge would be to sift through the noise to prioritize top contacts that require a quick response. A lot of communications agency set up customer service platforms for their clients that would integrate social media which would help them to triage, track and escalate issues behind the scenes, yet the respond will be given in the same space the customers contacted you. In the fast paced world of social media, customers require quick response. And it is critical for PR agencies to prioritize requests.

Social care is not a new concept but providing multi-channel social media support can present real challenges for small or big companies as well as opportunities that impact sales and higher ratio of brand advocates, loyalists. Simple social media presence is not enough, you need to be a social media rock star to manage social media client servicing.

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