The oxford dictionary defines Public Relations as the business of giving the public information about a particular organization or person in order to create a good impression. While the practice is built on the foundation of relationships, there is a clear decree of guidelines for ethical practices that have been laid out by governing bodies globally, that are expected to be adhered to. The principle behind PR ethics is that one’s actions are designed to create a positive impact on consumer behavior. Ethics in PR Professionals play an important role in communication. It brings integrity to the company. Further, helping in creating transparent relationships between clients and the public. Achievement in public relations should religiously follow ethical codes. PR teams should follow a code of ethics to provide reliable services to their respective clients. 

There are certain factors that are an important part of the ethical practice of PR:

  • Advocacy

Public Relations professionals are responsible for ensuring client contribution to public issues. Below, we have mentioned a few practices, they must espouse to render ethical communication:

  • Should provide and give credit to the source of the information 
  • Should only share original content 
  • Should focus on integrity and moral values of clients
  • Ensure the information disseminated does not knowingly harm the public 
  • Value all government and stakeholder information


  • Truthful

 Being a PR professional, integrity and honesty is the most important factor. Any information pertaining to the client or the TG should be cross-checked and undergo reviews before it is shared with media personnel to ensure truthful delivery of key messages. Honesty should be an integral step for publicists right from client sourcing to servicing, without any travesty. 

  • Proficient 

PR professional’s skills are always in high demand in the market for any brand from any industry. Understanding the brand’s needs and transforming a business into a brand, can only be achieved by a competent PR professional. PR professionals must deliver the content that exactly matches the client’s expectations but must also ensure that no fact is distorted or misrepresented in afoot of it. Only, a proficient and competent PR professional can render this impeccably.

  • Independence 

Independence totally depends on the PR professionals and the client’s mutual understanding. But yes, of course, one must not compromise with the legal issues and legal factors while marking independent work for their respective clients. 

  • Loyalty 

Loyalty in PR is like blood in veins. Clients should trust the PR professionals. PR teams should be efficient to take care of clients’ privacy in terms of social and public disclosure. They should give fair and correct information.

  • Fairness 

PR professionals should be fair enough while dealing with clients. Not only with clients while dealing with vendors they should be very fair and transparent. Should be open to every contact, new information, different viewpoint.

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