We all know how critical it is to have a solid marketing plan to successfully launch the brand you are promoting- a product, book or even your own personal brand for that matter. Having a blended marketing approach is important, although, media alone plays a vital role in a campaign. With zillion of products hanging in the market vying for some kind of media attention, how do you feel yours is any different? Or may be how can you make it sound different? It is all about getting their interest to secure any coverage for your brand. Few key points every PR agency in India makes sure are in place.


So the first and foremost point here is to know which media should you target and if it fits the industry of products you have. Knowing which beat aligns best with your product’s industry or expertise is crucial. Everyone wants their products mentioned on the big morning shows, talk shows or print coverage. Not to forget, if you don’t have the right PR agency on board, it would be next to impossible to see yourself anywhere there. And especially in this hot political season, if you don’t have any prior platform, blog or media, then it is going to be really, really hard to gain any traction.


Having your association with one of the leading PR agency in Delhi/NCR, make sure they are aware of your product’s USP or expertise. Obviously, any PR consultant would make sure they are aware of it but it is always best to know your limitations as well. And by the term, limitations, we don’t mean it in any negative way. But while you get in touch with media, it is important to know your expertise and as well as what isn’t.


For a lot of PR experts, your pitch plays the game. If the way you’re pitching your product is on point, you would be glad to see it somewhere in media for sure. Keep your pitch short and crisp- one paragraph is enough. Next, your subject line should be catchy so that the mail is at least acknowledged by the concerned person. Think punchy, short and most importantly, interesting.


The hook is something you can anchor your product’s story to. The idea is to make it very interesting to catch attention of the journalists. Talk about something which is currently trending, or maybe it’s timely, in the sense it’s an upcoming event. The bottom line is tie whatever you are promoting into a bigger topic, like tying it around the upcoming budget everyone is looking forward to.


Start pitching your product to the local media. It is a good idea if your product is a newbie and has no media resume. A lot of PR professionals are of view that many bigger shows have scouts who look for what is buzzing around in regional areas, which may be a foot in the door for national outlets. Also, local media is a great place to get your foot wet and build your product’s rapport from there.


Make sure your website is ready before you pitch anyone. Because obviously no one will only trust you basis the conversation you had. They will google your website and you need a solid ABOUT page that highlights your expertise, associations, work you have done so far, awards you have won, etc. Your media room is also of equal importance. Make sure to list all the media you have done, even if they are no longer on air or available online.


All top PR companies in India would advise you to have a blog column on your website. It will help you generate the right interest for media. Your blogs will show your generosity and in-depth knowledge about your industry. It will attract media to gauge your sincerity about the product or market you are catering to.


Always follow up with a thank you note to journalists as a strict advice- whether you have received the best coverage on the planet, or none at all. It is always great to send a hand-written thank you note or even a phone call saying the same. Remember, media people are tasked with impossible job of finding stories- and you may or may not fit in there. Thank them anyway.

As they say, the runway to success is always long- if you are on the right track. No matter how much we see something/someone on social media, our traditional media is always in search of some good stories, great experts and unique insights.

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