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All about new Google’s tool to test website speed and mobile responsiveness

Once again Google has stepped in to help the website owners with its new tool which is built to test the speed of the website. Although there are already many tools, applications and websites which test the speed of internet and are similar to what this tool does. The simple parallax themed Google Website Speed Test Tool tracks the speed of the website on smartphones and desktop, from a scale of 1 to 100.

These days websites are not just online pages where information is stored, but websites are also the platforms for business, especially the online retail stores, ticket booking, movie playing and the news website, all of these get a large number of traffic and so it’s important that the websites are swift on every platform regardless of the amount of content on their websites. It generally requires a lot of constant internet service speed to operate in a fully functional way. Google has built this tool to notify the error and problems that often occur when the website is content are transferred from server to the client.

Mostly the website builders and people operating websites don’t get to experience the delay that caused during the load because of their latency from the server. It becomes really difficulty for them to get an undisturbed internet connection. Hence, Google has built a tool which will help the website owners to get the information of the speed at which a user is able to operate the websites, and differently it shows the results of different devices.

You can try the New Google Website Speed Test Tool here and below we have shown how it works:

When you visit the tool it provides you the space to enter the URL of your website, and then click on TEST NOW which will take a few seconds

The results in three different forms which are MOBILE FRIENDLINESS, MOBILE SPEED and DESKTOP SPEED. It has color schemes for results which are RED for BAD, YELLOW for FAIR and GREEN for GOOD.

The tool offers to guide the user by showing different ways they can improve it’s ranking and also offers the users to get the report in the form of a mail.

This tool will help the web-builders know about the speed at which their website operates on different devices. It also helps the builder know what areas can be worked upon like whether website requires images optimization, compression and whether or not to prioritize visible content and more all these key information about the website will help developer to reduce the load time on different devices.

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