As we enter 2017- crazy, we know- it is a good idea to start looking in the world of design to see which graphic design trends are coming our way this year. Graphic designing companies say it is important to know how to incorporate these design trends as 2017 looks promising to take design to a fresher, bolder level.

The design world has seen its changes and updates and we very well know that change is the only constant. What we seem to notice is that various trends and styles play out much more quickly than they used to earlier. We had asked some of our senior graphic designers to share what trends for 2017 they think will be headed our way.


This is said to be the year of brave designers where bold photography with sleek text is gaining all the momentum. This is often seen in brands which embrace adventure. Some of the active wear brands where you will often see designs like these would be ASICS, Nike and fashion brands like Everlane, amongst many others.

Graphic designing agencies feel that this combination exudes class yet a lot of excitement. It hard hits with the clear message and doesn’t bore the audience. It is best for the kind of audience with a short-attention span, where the ‘BOLD & SLEEK’ combination hits the point.


So, one of the hottest trends in 2016 was ‘Retro Nouveau’- a new or modern take on retro which may seem like a paradox; is playful, open-ended and evokes fond memories. However, this modernized retro is a whole new game altogether. Consider this as a way of simplifying and modernizing any particular element which stayed out from a period of time. Breathing fresh air into the old classic and making something of your own.


Look for colours in nature and intensify them. Exactly what the best graphic designing companies are expecting. In this year, all eyes to see bold and vibrant colours that are truly dominant to their original hue. We have been seeing this trend since early 2016, but according to professional creative designers, this trend should pick up speed in 2017.

Choosing loud and deep colours- not necessarily bright and looking at those which are heavy in hue rather than brighter in lightness. Allowing each colour to fearlessly draw attention is all game this season.


Think again if you think you have seen it all. It is not the year to be afraid but experience fearlessness and push boundaries, as most of the leading graphic designing agencies say. If you are planning to stand out in your designing art work, then look nowhere else but at these magical realism themed images- sure they will cause a double-take.

These make a wonderful backdrop for social media, posters, event promotions, or any other project where one needs to depict magic and inspiration.


Social media completely took over in 2016 and is expected to keep the momentum going this New Year as well. Brands and social media agencies know that how powerful social media is for every business and it is not at all as simple as it may look like. It can be hard to decide or work around the strategy for content but if your creatives are not captivating then the whole social media you are doing is worthless. It has to catch the eye of your target audience- to stop by, look what is there and take action.

Are you ready for 2017? Do you have the right graphic agency at place? It’s a year of new advances and people are willing to try new and unique experiences. So what better way to start this New Year than with a new creative post?

Have a sparkling year ahead!

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