Bill Gates once said, “if I were down to my last dollar I would spend it on PR.” Well, if one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world is saying this, we better be taking notes. Whereas, staying aloof from digital marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone. So, which one should you opt to gain maximum benefits?

When we talk about digital marketing and public relations, many of us may be perplexed by the roles that each plays. As both share many similarities but there are key differences that make them unique and lucrative. As we know digital marketing and PR use different channels to achieve their objectives. As they have different deliverables, key metrics, and outcomes.

We demystify why the amalgamation of the two is essential for your business:

SEO and PR:

The best way to drive SEO traffic and leverage website ranking authority is through placing high-quality links, which one can do with the help of PR. While SEO was not always something that fell into the knowledge of PR Professionals, digital marketing and PR professionals have realized the important role PR plays in helping the SEO results and vice-versa. When PR is more indulged in online placements, they’re only a source to make secure links to specific pages on client’s websites and work with SEO, for increasing a client’s website domain authority. Securing media coverage and links on high domain websites and high ranking sites is not only a great way to assist the efforts of your SEO team but also a huge win for PR in driving brand awareness.

PPC and PR:

Lead generation and paid campaigns are other essential ways to amalgamate with PR to maximize results on client websites or businesses. Lead generation and paid campaigns are used to create and fetch high traffic and engagement on the client’s side. This is a tremendous help for the PR professionals for brand awareness and increasing visibility and ebbing the negative image. Lead generation and paid campaigns are incomplete without PR because if we work for some brand their brand value and image equally affects the PPC campaign too.

Paid Social media and PR:

Getting a placement in a high domain website or popular website is a win-win situation but what happens is that whatever the article or blog PR professionals place does not get featured and may not achieve the desired engagement. Here, digital marketing comes into the forefront, with the help of paid media we can promote or boost that particular post, media coverage, article, and blog to increase engagement and reach the maximum target audience.

Optimize Essentials:

Being marketers we always try to optimize each and every content which is posted on the internet and social media. If we talk about SEO, we mainly focus on PR content like blogs, news releases, media coverage, and articles. They are a great source for new backlinks for the website. Both digital marketing and PR always work on shared goals:- to Build awareness and business.

It is clear and stated that by working together digital marketing and PR achieve their shared goals in a better way to excel in their own fields and complement each other. PR and digital marketing are impeccably linked and render a better and improved platform to drive high success. By combining all channels digital marketing and PR is under one roof that can’t be matched. In a nutshell, digital marketing and PR work very well on their own, but together they are RELENTLESS.

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