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How is New Age Media Impacting Traditional Publications?

It is rightly said by a Greek philosopher, “Change is the only constant in life”.
Evolution is an integral part of our existence, and change is inevitable. One of the biggest changes that we have seen in recent times is the advancement of technology. The change in the technology is affecting the society as a whole, and we have witnessed perhaps the greatest change in the history of media. The shift of traditional media to the new age media is massive as the new age media is changing the face of the media landscape.
This transition has definitely made media planning much more strategic and effective and to add to the benefits less expensive too. The digital media is extremely efficient and quick and not to forget convenient. People are now connected on the go and can be updated on the current happenings as soon as any incident takes place. One does not necessarily have to sit through an entire news segment to get to the part that interests them or skim through the whole newspaper.
This change has also affected advertisements, every brand is targeting a specific audience in a very tactical manner. If the potential buyers fall in the category who prefer new age media, then the brand invests in online advertisement rather than going for traditional media. The investment is lesser and the impact of content is much higher than ads in traditional publications. The advertiser will have to pay less than half the price than the traditional media and reach the same number of audiences, if not more.
New age media have practically transformed the nature and functioning of media in our culture, it is keeping people informed in a more efficient way. Today’s journalism is not just writing and speaking about the latest happenings. New age media is more about visual communication than verbal, social media is an instant platform to spread any information. The news reaches to millions of people within seconds and it is extremely convenient to access it. Even the traditional media is catching up to this development and expanding its reach through social media by promoting their message to capture both new age media audiences and traditional media audiences.
This change in the media now demands a public relations expert who is creative and tactful. A public relations professional is even more important for today’s journalist simply because they are always looking for the next big story. PR companies must be always on an alert to seek such opportunities for their clients, their pitches need to be tweaked and customized as news changes. The old pitches and old PR ways will not work anymore in the world of new age media, they need a newer approach to work in sync. A pitch with infographics and visuals is more likely to get the desired traction.
According to a latest research India has over 300 million smartphone users, smartphones have become a prime source of information and breaking news for consumers through various social media platforms. Social media has provided an open platform to millennial’s and individuals to express their thoughts and opinions. However, this transformation has its own set of drawbacks too. In order to be the first to break a news to the public the most important part of reporting which is “fact-checking” takes a backseat. The publications now a days believe in “publish first, edit later” policy, which unfortunately tends to send out wrong information from time to time.
The public relations experts are now using social media as a tool to reach out to the journalists for new opportunities to communicate their client’s key messages. Since journalists are much more active on social media and it has become a major source for them to pick stories from, it only makes sense that the PR professionals be active on such platforms. It is now imperative for everyone in the business of communications to have social media presence.
The developing media landscape has its own set of challenges and opportunities. In order to use any new tool effectively, it is vital that one gets a grasp of the tool to maximize its usage and work with it as a means to communicate. Brands are now looking for new and improved communication strategies and innovative campaigns to achieve their communications objectives. These changes in the industry are dynamic changes and technology has created a new mindset amongst the millennial’s. Over the last decade, we have witnessed major advancements in the new age media platforms. These developments have provided us with many exciting new options for how we would like to circulate the information amongst the target audience.