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How often should we post on social media?

How much posting is too much? How little posting is too little? This question continues to baffle the millions using social media, wishing for visibility. There is tremendous pressure to find the apt and sweet spot of frequency. Posting too much may overwhelm your followers and may be interpreted as spamming their news feed resulting in them unfollowing or perhaps, blocking you. Whereas, you may miss out on opportunities for exposure if you post too little.

How often should you post on Facebook?

While it’s believed that 2 posts per day work wonders for Facebook. Data reveals another story. A recent study analyzed over  13,500+ users to study if posting more helped them gain visibility. The study accentuated that businesses with more than 10k followers witnessed an increased engagement when posting twice a day. However, the users with less than 10k followers received half the engagement when they posted the content twice.

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It was revealed that users that posted content only 1-5 times/week witnessed their engagement increase and get nearly double.

Facebook prioritizes individual content over the brand for news feeds. This may become a hindrance for brands to increase their visibility. Hence, avoid over-posting and try to have a conversational approach for your content, including pictures featuring employees, spokesperson, customers, or other people. The algorithm is set in a way that if you post more, organic reach ebbs drastically. Posting 1-5 times per week on Facebook is the right way to go.

How often should you post on Twitter?
Any tweet lasts for 15-20 mins. After this span, the followers’ feeds get flooded with new posts, and ostensibly, yours is pushed down. Hence, the best content optimization strategy for Twitter is to tweet regularly during the day too. However, make sure to not spam and flood the feed with your tweets only.
It’s best to post 3-5 tweets per day.

How often should you post on Instagram?

A current favorite of everyone for quick content, keeping your Instagram game up is highly essential.

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Since it’s so heavy on visuals, it may get intimidating to post multiple times during the day. Research shows that even the top brands post only 1-2 times a day on Instagram.

However, it’s essential to note that the Instagram algorithm doesn’t depend upon the quantity of posting content but rather the consistency. Hence, make sure to post regularly during the week.
Uploading 1-2 content pieces per day is more than enough for Instagram.

The Final Word:

Here’s how often you should post according to different social media portals:
Facebook – once a day
Twitter – 3-5 times a day
Instagram – 1-2 times a day

However, one must keep in mind that the quality of the content is sacrosanct. Only sticking to a regular time of posting is not enough. The audience is smart and demanding;  you must produce content that meets the expectation of your target audience. 

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