Schools are educating the new generation, making them ready for the future challenges so that one can survive and can make their living in the vast changing world. Schools in India are looking for alternative option to teach students so that they can learn more in less time by adapting to new technologies and adding new syllabus pattern; and to let the audience know about the changes in the education system or about the changes introduced by the school authorities is through public relations. PR for schools is important as much as in other sectors, it helps in the ongoing efforts towards building trust and credibility amongst the target audience. . PR for school helps in maintaining good media relations which establishes the habits of consistency and transparency of any information regarding schools.

 Improve Brand Recognition: PR management supports a brand individuality that is it will support school’s individuality. Branding is the overall look and feel of any organization, it includes the complete designing of the logo, mascot, colours, material, and school communication helping a brand creating a distinct and outstanding impression.

As branding helps in giving out messages by its look and feel, that’s where PR steps in. It helps to send out information like what are the school’s mission, values, goals, vision, future planning, technologies etc. PR also helps in building indirect relationship with other audiences. Being seen in media stories frequently helps in creating recall value and upholding communication, therefore, making direct contact with the audience which helps in trust building and making the audience realise that the school promises or slogans are not only for “ About Us” school website page.

PR for schools not only disseminate messages to the audience but it touches the roots in their hearts and mind by building trust and transparency. Good PR establishes schools as the key expert in the field helping in getting increased enrolment and customer loyalty.

Connecting with Communities: As it is easy to connect to the primary audience, they are the ones who are associated with the organization, such as parents, teachers, students and staff. It is a complete other story to connect to the secondary audience, they are the ones who don’t have the direct contact with the organization. Schools PR is the key in reaching out to these audiences; they are the parents of the prospective students, community members who don’t have children in school, prospective foreign students, taxpayers etc.

School’s communication should make meeting accessible so that potential parents can attend, give a first-hand chance for parents of potential student to understand the management and organization better by interacting with the management and with the existing parents of the students. This effort will help schools to connect with the community as PR publicise in advance so that the people can clear their schedules accordingly and can allow time for audience discussion. Audience discussion also gives chance to school management to communicate to the parents of potential students and let them know what all the organization is offering, it also helps school management to talk to taxpayers about fiscal deficit and to ask for help.

Influences Marketing Efforts: Marketing and public relations have a close relationship but they are not same.  Marketing focusses on promotions and increase in number of enrolments. On the other hand, public relation listens to the audiences and construct significant content and services based on preferences and requirements. Marketing and public relations work side by side to bring new students and retain current students. Where marketing talks about why the campus is good and best for their children, PR for schools makes people talk about why the it is the best place for their children to learn and grow.

Information shared is Good PR: Information shared by the publicist is the good information about the education institution helps in boosting the marketing efforts and helps in generating good relation with the audience. If schools choose to hire public relation firm, it will help in improving brand name, giving more media mileage, connecting with communities and making consistent effort in creating strategies and reaching the end goal of generating and boosting marketing efforts.

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