Social media and concomitant professional networking are important marketing tools for both large and small enterprises. As per researchers, LinkedIn takes the wheel to steer the B2B network and B2C brands to their desired lookalike audience that can become potential customers. However, there are a few steps that make your existence on LinkedIn thrive than the rest, making your objective clearer to the target audience. Here are a few methods which will help you to connect with your customers on LinkedIn.

Start with basics: Most of your interactions on LinkedIn lead back to your professional profile which makes it’s important to sell your brand, your experience, and your expertise in a crisp format. Your profile’s headline should be a concise description of your ideal customer; including what you have to offer as a B2B network or B2C brand. This is a crucial step as your headline goes everywhere once the company name is searched, and it may be your first impression to many people.

Grow your network step by stepThe reason you want to grow your LinkedIn network step by step is due to LinkedIn’s functioning; it has different tiers of connections. Starting with the 1st Connections; people you are directly connected to. Your 2nd Connections are based on people directed connected to your 1st Connections. Finally leading to your 3rd Connections, who are people directly connected to your 2nd Connections. The unique visitors in your target audience come from the 3rd connections; for which you will have to build more 1st Connections.

Create your list of prospects: To get a grasp of faster lead generation on LinkedIn, have a clear funnel of your target audience. Think of common titles your audience would use to describe themselves. This will help you create a funnel and categorize your connections. Once you have a clear hold of your funnel for new prospects, you can easily find them using two separate methods, namely LinkedIn Advanced Search and LinkedIn Groups.

Use LinkedIn’s advanced search function: One of the tools LinkedIn has created that is particularly useful for those seeking to network is the Advanced Search function. With this tool a user will be able to make a search based on specific descriptions; they may even be able to find a person with a specific position within a company at a specific location. The advanced search function is extremely useful for networking and doing a good deal of outreach. The data can be filtered by a degree of relationship and multiple other options that will help target specific results. This information has proven to be useful when you search for more people to connect with, or when you create LinkedIn Ads to find potential clients or customers. It is best advised to go slow. If you send out a large number of connection requests and too high a number are denied or marked as spam; LinkedIn will limit your ability to connect with others.

Utilize LinkedIn groups to your advantage: LinkedIn Groups enables you to create or participate in a dedicated discussion on moderated business-focused topics. You can post relevant information that members find valuable or helpful leading the growth of your target audience significantly. While creating your group make sure it has a novel twist on a topic or a true niche that’s unmatched by either of your competitors on LinkedIn. You can even target more people to your group by generating ads with a purpose. Corporate-sponsored groups are a great place to start since they generally have more resources to effectively manage their groups professionally. While you participate in a group don’t just post to promote your services or products. You’ll likely end up ignored, banned, or professionally discredited. Connect with your desired target audience by asking valuable questions and giving others interesting answers.

Advertise your LinkedIn Campaigns: LinkedIn allows advertisers with any size budget to create two types of advertisements, namely Sponsored Content and Text Ads. These ads aim to target your ideal consumers. If you’re trying to land a specific customer, you can target every employee from that company. This tactic is particularly useful if you want to pursue a large client for your B2B network. Other LinkedIn Marketing Solutions also include Sponsored InMails, Dynamic Ads, and Display Ads. All of these solutions enable you to reach your ideal customers.

Build a relationship with your target audience: Set a reminder to reach out to your new connection once a week with effective ways of “Relationship Building”. The sole purpose of checking in on your new connections is to provide something of value with no ulterior motive. Giving without the expectation of receiving is a critical part of building authentic relationships for networking.

If this part is done right, it shows that you understand their struggles and can plant the seed for a future client. You can use these examples to initiate your relationship-building process.

  • Create checklists
  • Share reports
  • Share articles/blog posts
  • Share videos
  • Share relevant case studies
  • Suggest eBooks

Be sure to use LinkedIn’s Relationship Tab to keep your prospects organized when sending your relationship-building messages.

Following these steps might take a while for you to find your potential customers but will surely pave the way for a bigger and greater market which will be an extremely beneficial move that will create many new opportunities for you and your business.


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