An impeccable MARCOM plan is the amalgamation of strategy and art. One that renders an ever-lasting impression among your T.G. and goes beyond the technical aspect, affecting sociology and psychology as well. We demystify below the must-know facts for devising a profitable marketing communication plan.

What is Marketing Communication?

Marketing communications ensures the message about your services /products reaches your target customers.

To build your marketing communications strategy, one must follow these essential steps:

  1. Find out your target market

Your target audience is referred to those specific people who are most likely to purchase your product/service, and your idea must reach them. Try to focus on customer retention, this is the most important factor we mostly miss to retarget.
There are some basic criteria for targeting your market:

  • Market
  • Income
  • Business Size
  • Expertise in field
  • Location
  • Education level, age, and gender, etc.

2. Recognize your focus customers

We need to focus on our target audience and need to define them. While choosing customers follow some key points to find out who is important and who does not fall in our market. While finding the focus of customers we are also aware of customer service. Customer service is essential to keep your customers always with your brand.

3. Unique selling point

Everyone has a different perspective towards the brand, business, and customers. We need to find out a different selling point from the audience side. WHY must they purchase our service. We need to give them a reason to think that we are different from others in the market. Unique selling points always help in customer retention.

4. Show the audience the problems they might face without your product

Focus on the pain points of the customers to refine the solution of our services. The best way to do this is to create a poll or hold contests on social platforms so with the help of this we find out the maximum solutions which they need. And our selling USP revolves around the solution we want to showcase. Create a branding strategy with services and show your target customer a brand they admire.

5. Match your solutions with the social presence

Once you are done with the pain points and offering solutions to the customers. it’s time to focus on your social presence and make a match between our offerings and what we are posting on social media. Always keep yourself updated with the latest content and the channels you are using on social media.

6. Set your goals

Last but not least, set your business goals like revenue, etc, your marketing goals like your social or digital presence or we can say your online or offline activities. Your reach and engagement should be on your hit list always.

These are the key points to communicate with your audience making them cognizant of your services or products. In communication marketing the main focus should be on social media, what you are posting that reaches the customers. Always create engaging content, draft posts, monitor at regular intervals to make your social media presence powerful.

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