So no denying it, the world is shifting to the digital space, consuming all kind of information through digital means; mobile phones, laptops or desktops. While there are the ones who’ve grown up with smartphones and internet are very well embracing the new brave world of versatility and speed. Before we totally grab on the benefits of Digital Marketing for our business growth, you can’t ignore the fact that Public Relations is equally important for any business or organisation effectiveness. The mix of traditional PR with content marketing on different social media platforms and search has led to different fold of opportunities for business growth.


Communication marketing agencies are all around the world willing to work for you but an effective integration can only happen if some of the key points are kept in mind:

  • Clarity on business objective
  • Comprehend the impact and process of the business before initiating campaigns


We all are acknowledged to the fact that Digital marketing of a business or product can easily transmit for the scanty fraction value/cost of the print or TV ad. Also, the reach can be easily tracked and monitored as nowadays companies rely on reviews and feedback more than any celebrity endorsement. Hence, for every business, it’s an effective way for a brilliant brand growth.


Blending search engine optimization, content marketing, social media tools, client servicing for a fruitful brand promotion is the key solution. To a lot of companies, such cooperation might not be easy to get, and association with an integrated communications firm can be a solution for those seeking. And to add, there are companies who have association with 5-7 different agencies to work this out, whereas, a simple solution to this is to associate with one company who does that all- an integrated communications agency. So the bottom line here is that if you have to prove the worth of your PR and digital marketing integration, then PR must get involved with all of the above mentioned.


Digital isn’t the future, it’s already here. After its fair share of setbacks, PR is now evolving with digital techniques for its own survival as a lot of digital marketing agencies are dipping fingers into the world of PR online. These agencies have their hands on to fetch online coverage for clients with strategized SEO and content marketing.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Don’t hesitate to goal high; there are ‘n’ numbers of companies who have lopped off the traditional ways of PR to/for an exceptional digital marketing win.

Lastly, the team of Scroll Mantra wishes you all a very Happy Independence Day.