Did you ever think that Social Media and SEO could go hand in hand? Well, they do as it is crucial to leverage your social media reach to get more website visits and eventually, business. Social media allows users to create buzz around their brands and populate the right information directly to their target audience. And this can be further used to divert traffic from Social media to the website.

Below are a few points that can help your brand leverage the reach of social media to spread more awareness and drive more users to the website.

Get the right followers from your Social Media channels

As we all know, the main aim of using social media is to spread knowledge about a brand and its products or/and services. We regularly submit posts that include engaging content and targetted hashtags to reach our target audience. We run ad campaigns to further our reach, get likes, comments and impressions on our pages which in turn leads to inquiry searches on Google about the brand. This will lead our target audience straight to our website and eventually to the product or service they seek.

Drive more traffic to your Website through Search Engine Optimization

Engaging with the target audience through Social Media is just one half of the work. Even as your followers get to know more about your brand and what it has to offer, you can still face a hurdle in getting them to your website if the website has not been adequately optimized. This is where Search Engine Optimization comes into play. Otherwise, your target audience may never reach your website through search engines as the right keywords have not been incorporated into your website to rank through relevant searches. Therefore, SEO is very important in bridging the gap between your social media handles and your website.

Building your firm into the brand from Social media and SEO

Keeping in mind how valuable social media is for a brand, one should create posts that reflect the company’s mission and core values.   In the meantime, don’t make each post excessively sales oriented. To do so a brand can utilize a two-dimensional process. Share likable pictures, images, and articles to grab the attention of the audience looking through your Facebook feed. This way there is an engaging factor in play. Additionally, post promotions pointed basically at getting clicks to the brand’s site.

Even if a business is not booming initially through social media paid ads, this method is still helpful. Why do you ask? Well, mostly because we click on the brands we know. That means, the more a person sees your ad, be it Google ad or Facebook ad, the better your brand recognition is and the more is your recall value amongst potential customers; the more they start trusting your brand, the likelier you are to get a larger share and clicks on Google. The more clicks you get on Google from your new social audience, the higher you will start to rank.

Engage Locally

Another thing that search engines look for is how well your brand is engaging on a smaller community level. That being said we urge you to reach out locally via social media whenever it is possible.

If you’re wondering how one can do that, well, it’s quite simple. You can start off by updating your accounts whenever your company gets involved in a local event. Click lots of pictures during the event or go live through Instagram or Facebook or initiate a live tweeting thread on Twitter. If you’re working in conjunction with another brand, announce it and let everyone know. Post on the page of the brand your company is working with and encourage them to do the same, share their content, etc.

All of this will lead an increase in potential consumers in the nearby areas and simultaneously gain the trust of search engines like Google.

Ultimately, if you aren’t using social media, you aren’t doing precise SEO. Of course, it’s not sufficient to just have a Facebook or Twitter account to build the brand. Use the social media channels to gain followers, generate links, build your brand image and engage locally.

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