It is important for one to be strategic to generate right leads for the business using LinkedIn. Initiating warm introductions always meet better responses than cold contacts. To make your account work for you, you need to know how to utilize the tools because it is certainly not enough to just make a profile and sit there. It isn’t going to generate leads.

So what do you usually do to get through a person or company? Usually you dial the given number on their website portal and start persuading the sceptical receptionist/gatekeeper to let you get to the concerned person. Gatekeepers can be pretty tough (remember the movie ‘Wall Street’ where Bud Fox called Gekko, he had to charm his secretary for 30 days straight to get to Gekko. Ultimately, when it happened, he lost everything and wounded himself up in the jail). Let’s not lose track here.

Cold Calling is still alive but on life support. Sure it does work a lot of times but we have a lot of options in our arsenal to turn the cold into warm. In this blog, the option we are talking about is LinkedIn. Using the basic search option in LinkedIn is pretty much alike to any web search; you type the name of the person, company’s name, a keyword and hit go. This is fine if you know the company’s name or a person you are searching for. But when it comes to targeted market search then using the Advanced Search feature will be of use.

Marketing firms usually work strategically on the contact building and getting in touch with the right business leads. Let’s see how one LinkedIn its way to success.


As every marketing professional say, make sure your profile is professional looking. It needs to show the person that you’re up for some serious work. A good profile picture, descriptive summary, job history, education are the factors which are extremely important. Also, if you could get some recommendations from your colleagues would be really helpful.


If you are looking for a specific person’s contact, type the name and search for it. You will either get some mutual connections or not. Congrats if you have any, look if the mutual person could introduce you the concerned person. And if they are willing to, that’s great! And if not, then reaching out to that person directly is the only option left with you. But if they see a connection between you and them then it might work in your favour and they might pay attention to what you’re saying.


Now if nothing else above worked for you and there was nothing in common that you could get through then let’s dig deeper. Knowing what company he/she works with, you can simply look for their LinkedIn page. Once you search for the company name, you will get a list of employees working there. You can now send random request to those people and wish that they accept your request, so that when you try to connect with the concerned person, it appears to them that you already know people in the firm. Most likely it will work in your favour and they might just accept your request.

The pro version of LinkedIn is also very helpful for building relevant connects for your business. It might not be cheap, but totally worth it. The benefit of it would be that you will be notified for anyone who views your profile. Not everyone you reach out to will look at your profile, but its motivating to see if someone does. At least you know you have grabbed their attention.

LinkedIn is proved to be a phenomenal tool for B2B businesses to find targeted leads. It is by far the leader versus Facebook, Twitter as it is specifically used for business connections. If you use it in the right way, you might just get the desired leads, ultimately growing your business.