As we all hear; we don’t learn from talking, we learn from listening. And as it is meant to be the most important part of any communication process, it is highly advisable for any business involved in social media marketing to understand the benefit of social listening to increase business conversions. Over the time, every PR Company has started recommending its clients to have an active presence over social media platforms. So, what is social listening and how is it different from social monitoring? There is a slight difference between the two terms but it is worth knowing in order to gain some sustainability in the market.

Discovering opportunities to create the right set of keywords/content for your audience by tracking conversations around phrases and specific brands is called Social Listening. And under social monitoring, you just review comments and mention selected keywords. The major part of reviewing, analysing patterns, deriving data insights goes missing in social monitoring.

Recently PR companies have started leveraging integrated communication solutions for their clientele to effectively link campaigns and social media marketing together. Let’s see how Social Listening can benefit you and your business.


Every business works around SEO to secure its digital presence. So once you have researched and listed the right keywords which your customers might use around the product/service you offer, try them across every social media forums.

Be a part of these forums to help and find about your customer’s need and expectations and most importantly to guard your brand personality. Ideally, this lead will add customers to your database.


Brand advocates are the happy customers you would never want to lose. As a lot of PR agencies in Delhi/NCR help you identify the right advocates and develop influencers also.  You are likely to acknowledge the key influencers in your niche, but social listening can help you identify who is actually sharing your brand name and content. This is usually helpful during a campaign, where you can type your campaign title/press release and figure out who is sharing it for you and establish fruitful relationship.

Lastly, keep engaging and praising your brand advocates to ensure that they sing praises of you for a long period. Let your PR agency have a hang of it.


So your customers love you and talk about you on their social media, but often forget to tag you. As research says, 30% of people who are talking about you forget to tag your business directly.  Social listening unearths such great bits from your customers and your digital media marketing team can help you repost these on your account. To mention, below listed are the social listening tools for a convenient way to track responses.

  • Google Alerts
  • Hootsuite/TweetDeck
  • Icerocket
  • Social Mention
  • Topsy


Ask any integrated communications agency about their foremost strategies and tracking competitors will top the list every time. To get a leg up, social listening helps you track your competitors and also helps you identify why customers are not linking with your brand.

Weigh the sentiments of the comments around your brand and your competitor’s, also be quick to acknowledge them for their complaints and respond.

As Dan Neely said, ‘Monitoring sees trees, listening sees forests’. It cannot only help you assist conversions but also drive innovation, build strategies, improve customer service and problem solving techniques, too. The PR agency you associate with can profoundly help you draw these.