Public Relations as a lucrative career option: India Today – 08/02/2017

Today's youth finds itself standing at crossroads trying to figure out the right career path for them. This is one of the major decisions an individual needs to take as this would mould their future. [...]

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5 Reasons Why Start-ups Should Hire a PR Firm: Entrepreneur-24/07/2017

A PR official helps you tell a story about your brand in the most unique way to your audience. People often confuse advertising and PR as one. However, that is not the case as advertising [...]

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Neha Bajaj, Managing Director, Scroll Mantra shares how travelling has worked wonders for her health, mind, soul and even her profession By Neha Bajaj Managing Director, Scroll Mantra.

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PR is a mix of journalism, psychology and lawyering It’s ever – Changing and always interesting: Hindustan Times – 05/07/2017

Key challenges of becoming an entrepreneur: YourStory – 05/07/2017

Becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy feat as it comes with its own sets of challenges and setbacks. Many entrepreneurs agree that setting up one’s own business venture is a gamble as there is [...]

10 Myths Associated with the PR Industry: YourStory – 28/06/2017

Public relations is a planned and sustained understanding between an organisation and its target audience, however many people or companies have absolutely no idea what we mean by Public Relations. By Neha Bajaj