As competition grows tough and tons of advertisers are vying for every inch of available online space, it gets extremely important to understand and appreciate the value of PPC. Although, it is usually believed that PPC is comparatively less important for businesses carrying Digital Media Marketing and the benefits are mostly underestimated, however it is not true. A lot of companies are missing out on the opportunity to expand their business online through digital marketing by not using PPC. Pay per Click advertising, whether through Facebook Ads, Google Adwords or even Twitter is a faster way to reach out to your customers and promote your products or services.

PPC is perhaps important for a successful digital marketing campaign. PPC also known as PSA (paid search advertising) is a part of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) which together with SEO becomes one of the great ways to target people using search engines.

As it implies, an advertiser only pays when someone clicks on your ad and the general idea behind it is to increase your website traffic and to reach your target audience fast by specifying  who is sees your ad. Let’s review why and how is PPC helpful for your business’s growth.


One of the other misconceptions one has about PPC is cost. Many people feel that investing in PPC campaign is pouring money down the drain. Though everything is measurable from the impressions to clicks and visits you will receive on your website.  If you’re new to the concept of Digital Media Marketing, it is highly advisable to hire a Digital marketing company to set up the right campaign for you.


When you’re involved in an online business, all you need is traffic; not any type of traffic but targeted traffic that can lead to business or sales conversion for you in future. SEO (Search Engine Marketing) is one thing that comes to the mind when you say traffic but we all know it is a organic and comparitively a slow-moving process. So the next best alternative is PPC for fast target traffic.


So if you want your business to bloom in future, the safest way is to test in first place, whether what you’re selling has buyers or not. And the fastest way to find the truth is to run a campaign on Google Adwords, get 1000 target visitors and measure your results. Hiring a good digital marketing company to optimise the campaign and target the right set of audience is essential for any business.


PPC advertising is an important component for digital media marketing strategy that helps you use dynamic search ad campaigns. It is believed to be one fine way to discover suitable keywords for your campaigns. You can also use PPC to test effectiveness and as a way to get more mobile installs and strengthen mobile marketing, get more email sign-ups and enrich your email-marketing. It’s a great tool for local SEO optimization. There are couple of digital marketing agencies in Delhi/NCR which can help you have a better hold on your digital presence through PPC or SEO.

The opportunity to create campaigns and targeting people to visit or re-visit widens if your PPC is optimized in the right way by the right Marketing Company. As a start-up one can invest in PPC and pick huge advantage of all the benefits that are mentioned above.