A decade ago if someone had said that going to a departmental or clothing store will not be necessary a few years down the line, no one would have believed it. Today, the scenario has tossed upside down. It is no longer a necessary to physically take the pain of strolling through shops for any kind of product/service. All thanks to the magnitude of start-ups in the country which is growing by heaps and bounds. But what makes these start-ups so tempting and convinces half a billion internet users in India to get hooked with them in no time? What makes them capable of surviving the highs and lows of an entrepreneurial journey? Basically, what sets them apart and their brand name successful? It is hands down to the brand building and marketing of that particular brand which is mostly done by a PR firm.

For a start-up, associating with a PR firm can prove to be very useful to connect with their customers. Now, Public Relations is that umbrella term which ensembles social media marketing, and digital media marketing and traditional target- awareness campaigns that help any start-up for the long run. It is simply the spread of information about your company to the public which helps you build relationships with the key influencers in that area. As a start-up, you think people don’t know much about you anyway so there’s not much to manage; which is exactly why you’ll need a PR strategy.


The first step to a PR strategy is to know when to start. Usually, a start-up must begin with the strategies six months prior to their launch. That is the best time for them to grab attention and get in the front-seat.


The next step includes knowing who you are well before you tell the world about yourself. This includes addressing questions like your culture, values and beliefs that differentiate you from your competition. Once this is done, go full throttle in sharing your story with the world. Our PR practitioners highly recommend that following doubts should be well sorted before stepping in the market

  • Will you be able to maintain proper communication with the press?
  • Will you be able to bag coverage of your brand by a top-notch reporter/journalist?
  • Have you created the right start-up pitch?


The third step is where the press kicks in. The press coverage does not only make you attractive in the eyes of your potential customers and investors, it makes them to never forget about you. Mostly all Integrated Communications Company suggests this another important step which involves creating a social media strategy that lets you be in the fray all the time without consuming much time and energy. This means you can directly engage with your prospects, answer their queries and build long lasting conversations with them.

Following all these steps and launching a start-up can be a tedious process especially when you’re not well equipped with the know-how. A PR firm that perfectly suits your business plan and budget is the best solution to all your woes. A good PR agency helps you establish a strong identity, share your story with the right people, help you outweigh your competition, build credibility and visibility for your brand and put you in the front with an outstanding social media program.

Public relations is the most sound way to announce your start-up and a good PR company which can carry this weight for you is icing on the cake.