Time for setting the budgets is almost here, 2017 is fast approaching and with it there are major shifts one has to look for in PR department. As said that before, PR has drastically evolved over the past few years and has become more than just gaining exposure and awareness about the brand. With advent of content and influencer marketing, hence widening the scope in Public relations, our PR professionals say, it is becoming extremely important for PR to continuously adapt. And the evolution of Social and Digital media has allowed ‘Word of Mouth’ to run at a very rapid pace, leading to digitally savvy consumers to debunk the traditional advertising methods and rather seek opinions of friends, celebrities and industry experts.

To get set for 2017, here are the top trends your PR team must keep on radar to have an impactful journey.


PR agencies are experts in developing content to earn organic views which help marketers to analyse the media spend and funnel the campaigns and budget through to the area where they are currently gaining/attracting views. Also, it builds authority more naturally and easily, so that when you want to market yourself, you have earned the credibility to do so.


Public relations professionals know it is very valuable for its brands to create high quality content. More and more these industry driven stories are created by leading PR agencies and are usually driven by data and analytics. The content should be engaging and must be optimized for search to grow traffic and attract audiences. The traffic can in turn drive leads into the marketing funnel and build authority and credibility in their specific industry niche.


Influencer marketing is still new but a lot of marketers, especially PR professionals are still hesitant at the risk of being left behind by the cohort of marketers that are embracing this new channel. It is said to be the powerful way of communicating for brands with consumers more organically, directly and at scale. While consumer trusts in advertisement and traditional media sources continue to decline, the twitter says we now trust influencers as much as our own friends. An astounding survey says 92 % (NINETY. TWO. PERCENT) of us trust these recommendations from unknown people more than anything else.

This surely means, if you don’t have a strong influencer reach for 2017, you will be really lagging behind.


It is obviously too early to say that the traditional way of sending news release is dead but the idea that you can write and mass distribute it via emails and then expect results is absolutely antiquated. As media outlets continue to furlough or lay off the seasoned journalists, contributors are rising and assuming they have something interesting, more credible, valuable and/or controversial to say. And for it to get published or shared, everyone needs really good content and that can come from internally- PR team. Obviously it would be too clever to think that one can pull a fast one by sneaking a promotional content to your article, but for a heads-up the contributors are usually small-scale editors and it may backfire. Pitching more engaging content that can develop more shares, comments, views, time spent on site can get easily picked.

As we become more capable of measuring PR, the ability to effectively measure PR is one of the prompt changes one would see in the industry. Thanks to the rise in technology. Things are evolving and we have much better idea of the engagement, reach and results that come from our PR investments. This doesn’t mean that it is the easiest way to track, but we can still get a closer watch at the kind of audience we are reaching.

So there you have it. The PR tends for 2017. Do you see anything else also trending?

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