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Prediction for Digital Marketing Trends 2018

Prediction for Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

We are in an era of Digital Marketing and we just can’t imagine our life without it. Digital Marketing has become a necessity for all brands leading to them spending higher amounts of resources in its research and analysis. It is becoming increasingly important for all kinds of businesses to expand into the digital zone. In order to device a successful Digital Marketing Strategy in the coming year, websites and applications must incorporate the following points in their strategy –

  1. Advanced Voice Technology

We have heard about Google’s Voice search and we all have been using it. We will soon notice a shift to voice becoming the primary mode to connect with apps and devices. In fact, a brand’s voice strategy will have a big impact on search results and their SEO strategy. To see what the future holds, major technology providers have started investing in AI technology or Virtual assistants.

  1. Micro Influencers

For the last few years, we have been using social media channels to create buzz.  It has become so much easier to make your audience aware about your latest events and news. The latest trend in this Social Media bandwagon is Influencer Marketing. Brands have started using Micro Influencers to increase traction. They are more cost effective than and lead to higher reach. As per a recent survey, entrepreneurs are more likely to increase their investment in this area.

  1. Investing in Live Chat

 In order to improve and further evolve in their Client Servicing, brands have been investing in Live Chat. It has not only become a big channel of digital communication, it has also been a high converting medium. A study by the American Marketing Association shows that live chat can increase conversions by at least 20 percent.

  1. Switch to a #NoFilter Community

The audience has become more aware of the kind of news that is available online thanks to the spread of fake news. Brands will realize that authenticity is key when it comes to promoting their brand and will make their content more genuine, thereby abolishing the airbrush trend and leading the way to live videos and real-life content.

  1. More Google Local Inventory Ads

Local inventory ads showcase your products and store information to nearby shoppers searching with Google. Since their release in 2016 the pick-up of local inventory ads has been quite small.  However, due to the trickiness in identifying its value, more retailers have not opted for this. In 2018, Google will improve on this tracking. .

  1. Measurement of Omni Channel

No one can deny that Omni channel retailing has introduced a new era of customer engagement and interactive shopping. In 2018 Google will share more details on how they track store visits, for businesses to understand how this attribution works – and begin using it properly as an important KPI.

  1. Micro Moments and Macro Conversion

All decisions online are made in micro moments. With customers checking their phones 100 times a day, micro moments have become very important. Focusing on these touch points and their impact in leading up to a macro conversion will be an important aspect in a brand’s digital strategy in 2018.

  1. Abolishing the norms for a more inclusive message

We have seen that big brands focus on celebrating the diversity of life, authenticity and effective storytelling. A lot of brands in 2017 centered their campaigns on breaking gender stereotypes, equality etc. In 2018, brands who are confident enough will take inspiration from the big players, thereby targeting everyone and blurring the gender divide and taboo against sexuality.

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