If you have ever wondered the number of blogs that gets published every day, trust me, it’s more than 1 million a day. Let’s sink in this first.  And the content hardly differs as usually bloggers forget the idea of producing a great read (engaging content that interests them) and rather jump for a great blog. The saucing secret for at least making a difference with the engagement you make with your readers can help you build a suave brand image. A lot of times companies hire a digital marketing agency servicing the content domain as well.

For an inclusive approach and to avoid content fatigue, here we take you to a few steps to enliven a bracing brand personality.


If you feel your content is slacking behind. Calm down and re-visit your brand’s vision. Here look into a broader zone for your boon- your customers’ requirements, how are you useful as a brand, what impact does your brand make, think about your industry. The biggest example for you here is COCO COLA blog titled ‘unbottled’. It is a reference that has a direct reflection of its own idea and purpose.


Peruse your competitor’s content for a better idea onto where you really need to polish the strategy you are working on with the content. List down your competitors and thoroughly visit their style, format, and structure that might help you discover a few uncovered areas and ideas. A lot of integrated communications agencies provide strategic counselling & competitor analysis. Lastly, make a list of what are the things you need to work on and get going.


Before you burgeon to the content for your website, sit and think about the look and feel for your blog, the PR agencies which offer content marketing have largely emphasised on the idea of making it more attractive. Here to be straight on point, the graphic design is what I am talking about, to have a powerful first impression it is highly important for you to code your content in a format that impresses the reader.


Now that we have climbed through the design, vision and the kind of content to format for our blog, idealize a plan for your content format and mixing. It is supposedly very important for you to engage the reader with long and short multimedia clippings and info-graphics that shall obviously make sense to what your content is all about. Also, to be able to mix and format your content, make sure you choose a topic that gives you enough space for it.

Lastly, most of the marketing agencies stress on the idea of a ‘well-written’ blog for a long-lasting and sensible impact on the readers. Content is adept to the idea of bringing the right audience to your marketing efforts.

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