If your answer to all the below questions is a resounding yes then pick up your mobile phone and reach out to the best of PR agencies in India.

Nothing better than a welcoming image and a lead article in leading daily to say you have entered the market. Starting a business is exciting and even better is to have a public acknowledgement to your business acumen. Sounds exciting, isn’t it? But before you start looking for a good PR agency, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.


Nobody can better explain it than you and extremely essential to have clarity on it before you even think of launching it. The ‘WHY’ of doing a business is often ignored although it is very crucial. Your investors and even media are smart cookies to spot a fake. Once you have sorted a strong vision for your business, its time then you start amplifying about it with the help of a good PR agency in Delhi/NCR. Also, the understanding of why will give clarity to your PR team to have a brief and better knowledge of what you are and want to do. Importantly, will help them deliver to your expectations. If a PR agency seeks for a ‘why’ and connects with it, HIRE THEM.


With PR comes a lot of attention and make sure your brand has enough bandwidth to handle all the attention and media scrutiny. The worst is if your business gets featured in your dream daily and you get triple amount of calls but you or your team doesn’t have the bandwidth to handle the same. To your attention, any negative media backlash is much more difficult to return from than no media attention at all. So make sure your app/ portal or any other means of communications doesn’t crash when there is a lot going on.


PR professionals advice businesses to experience/explore a little on the bench of PR on their own. Try to manage your business’s social media account on any media networks on your own. Preferably, that suits the type of business you are doing. Run it yourself with the help of few other key members in your team and look at your consumer growth and response. Also, it will be helpful if you let the growth be organic, it will give you a clearer image of how you are doing. The frequency of the conversations that happen on your page will give you the right indication on to if you are telling consumers what they want to know and if it is interesting enough to pique their attention.


A PR agency you hire can actually work wonders for you in the sense that sometimes your PR team creates stories for you out of nothing at all… but not all the time! You need to sometimes substantiate their work with a strong talk to make it happen. It is time you called in the pros if you have enough innovative stories and campaigns lined up for media pegs to easily sustain a PR activity. Also, you need to be comfortable and confident about the stories or campaigns you come up with before you launch it to any media forum.


The time you get a taste of your first article where you or your business is being mentioned in a leading daily, the accolades starts pouring in, making it easier for  one to get swept up in trying to get more and more and more. Each story then takes time to crack up and you can’t completely forget to focus on the core business. Your time is precious and it is very important for you to devote as much time as possible in growing it. After all, the more you work on it the more story opportunity you get offering more accolades from the industry and your customers. Let the story telling stay with the PR pros.