A robots.txt file tells search engine crawlers which pages or files the crawler can or can’t request from your site. A robot.txt file is a kind of map for the google search engine, to basically inform google which site should be crawled and which is not. We can use robot.txt file basically to specify which part we don’t want to crawl and which part should be crawled. In SEO services, we are always focused and we always care about the robot.txt file because it is the most important part for SEO experts.

A robot.txt plays a very big and important role in SEO. 

And keeping SEO point of view in mind, a big YES to Robot.txt, because robot.txt file tells google which part of your website can be the best to crawl. And because of the robot.txt file you can hide or prevent some part of your website that you don’t want to show in public like account details, personal information, Thank you page, account page, admin page, chats, shopping cart, and etc. They prevent duplicate content on websites. There are many crawlers available on search engines like Googlebot, Amazonbot, Yahoobot, and many more. If we talk about why your site is not ranking well from the past to date, the main reason or at least 60% reason would be that the robot.txt file is not updated properly.

Robot.txt file gives us the opportunity to crawl or not crawl over search engines. If we think some pages are low quality and not up to date, we mark them “DISALLOW” in front of the robot.txt file. There are no fixed rules for robot.txt files. Robot.txt file is the main reason for the vital success of SEO. our all SEO services 60 % depending on how better our web pages crawled on search engines.

To increase your SEO ranking or traffic on a daily basis, we should take advantage of the less talked about parts, YES, I am talking about the robot.txt file. This small file has everything you want for the SEO of a website. This file is placed everywhere and present on every website on search engines and  this will have a significant impact on SEO.

And for a robot.txt file not compulsory to have the technical knowledge, if you are able to find the source code of a website you can use the robot.txt file and work on this.


  • We should be extra careful while making changes in the robot.txt file, because one change can completely hide your website’s certain part from crawling, and that’s not good for SEO.
  • Always stick on lowercase when it comes to SEO services.
  • Always place robot.txt file in the main directory, not in tier 1 or tier 2 directory.
  • Don’t mention everything in one robot.txt file, segregation is the key


The main limitation is having access to those which should not be available for users, for example, a thank you page is the most important part of any website because it means new business, but some users access your thank you page because robot.txt file miss this and google can crawl over your hidden section. So people directly reach your thank you page without a lead conversion. To avoid the same, always block your main pages like thank you page, shopping cart, admin information. The website gathers more quality leads and information you need to excel in your business and from the point of SEO it is the best we can do. 

At last, we should always check out the robot.txt file after uploading it to the website. There are several tools present over the internet, we got to know if our file or code is working fine or not. With the robot.txt file, you are not just doing a good SEO practice, you are helping your customers or visitors too in a better and organized way. As we all know, it doesn’t take so much time or effort to set up a robot.txt file, and it’s mostly one time process and you can change minor ones when needed.


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