Usually a lot of companies and non-profit organisations host events to promote an idea or a project that is important to the company. One may plan a seminar, conference, educational gatherings to celebrations, or gala events for fundraising in order to reach out to their target audience. Whatever be the purpose behind an event, it is extremely important for a company to include their PR agency since the beginning in order to create the right amount of buzz. There are number of PR agencies in Delhi/NCR which can help you plan your event successfully.

PR companies can effectively promote your event by encouraging media to cover/ attend your event, creating buzz of excitement by generating awareness, and increase attendees, as well as help get sponsors for your event. However, before a PR blitz, it’s important for you to calculate your goals and objectives for the event and know the target audience reach you want to have.

Irrespective of the purpose, PR agencies help you gauge traditional as well as online glare to ensure your event gets the desired mileage. Here are top five things your PR Agency should keep in mind during the planning of your event.


Once you have established who the target audience of your event is, you can begin the planning of the event. It is critical to understand your audience as that will help you create your perfect communication mix. For instance if it a lifestyle / fashion brand then one should rope in all fashion bloggers, ensure hype on social media platforms etc. However, if it a B2B corporate brand one may consider doing a round table conference with the spokesperson in order to share the precise messaging.


After deciding your association with a PR agency, outline the essential details like which mode of communication you desire for? Or what are your strategies involved? Clearly elaborate on your deliverables, purpose of the event and most importantly your target audience. Ideally, the press is most likely to attend your event, make sure you have prepared a detailed press release and have pitched them appropriately. Some basics like hiring a photographer, having media registration desk, card bowl, coordinating for smooth media travel, media and radio tie – ups and more should all be a part of the plan.


Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter are the favourite social media platforms where majority of audience could be found. Posting daily teasers on these to get customers, friends of friends and followers interested in the event. Integrated communications agencies which cater to services from PR to Digital Media Marketing could be the answer to all your worries here. From email blast to ‘save-the-date’ reminder including reasons to attend will drive audiences to ‘like’ & ‘attend’ your event. Make sure your social media marketing is potent. It is imperative to use all communication tools and channels judicially in order to get the maximum results.


Make sure you have efficiently delivered the deadlines and explained the roles and responsibilities to keep your event organised. It is important to have a detailed event checklist to start planning in advance all the activities with exact timelines leading to the date of the event. Further, you can prepare a weekly status report on the event to make sure you can document and track your event for future need.


Technically the real work starts when the event is over for your PR Agency. They have to be on their toes, follow up with the media attendees to ensure the desired coverage for the event. They also should prepare a post event report which clearly highlights the return on investment of the event by highlighting the results and achievements.

There is a difference between a good event and a great event. Association with a good PR company for event planning can ensure your event creates the right noise amongst your precise audience.