Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of ameliorating a website to increase the chances of ranking highly in search engines. Web design and SEO work together, mostly web developers choose to integrate the SEO while designing the website for the client. It is very important to know how important SEO is for anyone’s business presence and what value it adds to website designing.

A website design that is more compatible with SEO drives more traffic to the website and helps the website to rank better. A website may be attractive and dazzling but if it’s not SEO friendly then this will create a mess around the website and traffic will fall on the website. Here web development plays a major role to make a website attractive and on other hand, it should be SEO friendly too. If your website content does not search or crawl by google then all vain because nobody can access your website. It will not show in search results too, so it’s very important to integrate the SEO with linking, content, pages, navigation, and technology.

Ostensibly, we tend to give importance to only one or two key points and forget about the other minors who play their role very well in complete scenarios. If you want a higher SERP for your website, it’s not just SEO it’s something more than just SEO, and that part is WEB DESIGNING. For a better online presence, your website needs to be designed well and integrated with all other possible factors. 

SEO is as critical as the design ideas for the website. Every web developer should incorporate SEO so that every page starts ranking fast.A good web developer knows the importance of good and SEO friendly development and for this several factors we should keep in mind:

  • Mobile Friendliness: 

Anyone who is a little bit familiar with SEO knows the importance of website mobile-friendliness. Google made this factor important in 2015, after 2015 it is the main factor to rank a website and shows in the top search results. As before people used to use desktops for any internet-related service but nowadays it decreases and people move to mobile more that’s why it is important for any website to be mobile-friendly. More than half of traffic came from mobile only so it’s the main point to look after before making a website.

  • Readable Content:

If we are working on SEO then the content is the only point where we spend most of our time and people do not generally notice this but development plays the main role here because website design is main for any content presented on a website. Most of the website create confusion for the visitor that why they came to the website, so here web developers play an important role that they choose or create a content Fridley website theme so that everything is very clear for the visitor on the website and they didn’t find any difficulty to search anything on the website.

  • Website Speed:

I don’t think so we need to say anything about website speed, this is something where every factor comes on the second step. The loading time of any website should be less than 10 sec for better performance. Because nowadays speed is also one of the main factors to rank a website. Then web developers make sure that every website they create loads with 3 sec when anyone clicks on it. Even website speed slows down the ranking of websites on google search results. And create a lot of trouble for the SEO experts to rectify the issue and manage the website ranking on search engines.

Rather than these, there are many other factors that are also there to show the contribution of development and SEO . for that we will inform you in our coming blogs. Till then, Keep all these pointers in your mind while creating a website. SEO is an integral part if you want to take your business online.

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