Our comprehensive public relations portfolio includes planning, implementation and development of a sound and concrete communication package for our extensive clientele. Recognizing the importance of a sound PR mechanism, our work aims to promote a positive and user friendly image of the client to its target audience. We take great pride in our PR projects over the years for most reputed clients and our entire focus is channelled towards creating and ensuring a positive and user friendly image of the client to its customers.

We strive to provide our clients with a holistic PR strategy covering all the digital mediums and also be available 24*7 in case of any emergency or PR crisis in the present world where everything goes viral at a snap of the fingers.

Scroll Mantra aims at using an out-of-the-box approach in building PR strategies for clients and also measure its real time impact. A good PR strategy goes a long way in establishing a brand as the thought leader in the domain. Our exahuastive PR approach ensures that we have got all the bases covered more often than not. We take pride in playing host to technically skilled and vastly experienced personnel which allows us to take care of our client’s PR strategy in the most wholesome manner.

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Social media marketing can be defined as the technique of gaining visibility and traffic through social media websites and apps. It can be used in tandem with other forms of marketing as well, and that is precisely the reason why it has gained immense popularity and importance in the digital sphere.

Social media marketing goes hand-in-hand with content marketing. It provides the makers of content with endless inventory to post their content on. Social Media consists of a plethora of websites in its entirety. The likes of Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ have opened up a limitless vault for marketers and brands alike. Each medium has its own uniqueness and applications. YouTube provides us with the option of video content whereas Twitter forces us to compresses our thoughts and content in few characters.

We at Scroll Mantra aim to exploit all these features to gain the maximum traction for our clients and ensuring the growth of their business. We are well verse with the changing dynamics of Social Media and try to keep ourselves at the forefront of all technical changes happening. Our account managers, with their years of experience in handling different clients are and technically astute and skilled enough to provide innovative social media solutions to all the problems put in front of them.

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At Scroll Mantra,our aim is to forge an all-encompassing digital approach for our clients. We are well aware of the potential of this indispensable modern giant called digital media and its importance cannot be stressed enough at this point of time.
Our employeesat ScrollMantra think and breathe digital and are well adept at applying their digital concepts for the growth of your company. Our digital skill set and expertise help us in thorough analysis complex business problems and consequent applications of advanced digital marketing solutions. We aim at simplifying and beautifying the user experience on your online platform so that our clients’ customer base increases manifold.Offerings by Scroll Mantra in Digital Media Marketing include:-
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Pay Per Click

We incorporate one or more than one of the above mentioned marketing techniques after thoroughly analysing and studying the business problem and finding the most optimal solution. It is important to remember that all the marketing techniques complement each other, and an integrated marketing campaign working on all fronts is the way forward.Our highly skilled account managers ensure that your business problem is solved in the quickest possible time and it goes live as soon as possible. We put our clients above everything else, and hence, we recommend and execute the most optimum digital marketing plan.

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“First impression is the last impression”– this age old adage holds true especially when you are competing in a well-populated industry. Salience is everything for a start-up and a good graphic design is the biggest step that they can take. Think of an attractive product cover design that will attract the potential customers and suddenly the need for a good design makes a lot more sense.
Scroll Mantra understands the design needs of its clients in detail and then provides customized solutions to all its clients. We have highly skilled graphic designers who are certified and come with years of experience. They work in tandem with the client to roll out graphics that capture the true essence of the brand. Some of the services on offer in this segment include:Design Consultation
  • Colour correction
  • Transformation of a print graphics on a digital platform
We design all the components associated with our client’s brand eg. Catalogues, brochures, stationary deisgn, logos, etc. We ensure that there is a sense of unity among all the brand components and the design printed on them. We are specialists in web development and when you combine the best of both worlds i.e. web development and design, the end result is something spectacular. In order to survive in this ultra-dynamic field, we believe that graphic designs also evolve with the passage of time. We ensure that our client is not left behind amidst the evolution, and therefore work more than the most to ensure that our client stays on the top of this game.
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We offer full support and our technical expertise right from the requirement stage and its design to all the way to its launch and going live on the web. We take a holistic approach of developing a website, wherein all the aspects of web development are taken care of for all the clients. After sales service is a key aspect of web development and Scroll Mantra strongly believes in it, providing its clients with both support and service post implementation.
Our past experience in website development and providing web solutions for different clients mean that we can always implement our past learning and insights in new projects to make sure that we provide the best possible solutions in the first go itself.
One of our USP is that we custom make website design, keeping in mind all the suggestions and inputs of the client. We are aware that a website is the first point of contact for most businesses and hence do our best to ensure that this first impression leave a lasting impact on the user’s mind. Our content team strives to achieve engaging as we realize that relevancy of content on the landing page is one of the major factors in differentiating an extraordinary website from the average ones. We try to deliver the most optimum solutions in the most cost effective ways possible and in the quickest timeframe possible. If you are facing a peculiar problem or having trouble in finding a web solution, do not hesitate to give us a call.
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