For a Successful Live Event on Facebook

Planning a successful live event on Facebook?

In April 2016, Facebook launched its new Facebook Live feature where you can stream live videos. It is simple to use as users have to tap on the live stream icon on their facebook wall and use the phone to broadcast their timeline. One can also save the video to their timeline after they get over with the live event.

You can stream live conference sessions, presentations, sales pitches, similar events on Facebook easily, quickly and freely. But to make it successful, it is always advised to well-plan your event and target it correctly. Social media agencies are of a belief that facebook live is all about engaging with your consumers where they are. You are reaching into their everyday life with an event which is engaging and of course, relevant to them.

For those who have successfully tested and conducted a few FB live events, it’s time to grow your audience and host your successful live event. Here are a few tips:


Before you go live, make sure you figure out your message and get to the point quickly, says Neha Bajaj, Managing Director of an Integrated Communications agency. “If you take too much time to tell them the purpose of your live event, they might just quickly lose interest,” Neha says. It will not just help you in your immediate event but also building your fan base for long-term success.


Social media experts are of opinions that if you are using your smartphone for the live event, never rely on your in-built microphone. Rather connect your phone with devices (such as Rode smart microphone) which are designed to deliver high-quality audio recording.  It will help audience engage better and get aware of all the news/facts you intent to share.


Before you sign in for the live event, make sure you are aware of your surroundings. It’s all about communications, engagement and consistency of messages that you are sharing with your consumers. Answer several questions before you enter the live event so that you understand your environment and tools that you need to success.

  • Can you do a live stream ahead of your live event?
  • Do you have adequate internet connection for a smooth video
  • Will you be able to clearly see the person and record the audio
  • Are there a lot of people around you?- as it can limit your internet bandwidth

As social media agencies say, it is important to promote your live event well in advance. Set the date and time of your event, create a graphic and splash it on your website. In fact, you should flash it on all your social media platforms for increased awareness. Set regular reminders up until your event. Increase the frequency of your reminders on the day of the event to create hype and enthusiasm.

Making your live event successful takes time and effort, but no doubt it’s a fun way to engage with your consumers using both social media and video. The more you use this platform, the more effective you will become with it; more interactive and engaging. Hiring a social media agency for your brand will always be a good idea when it comes to planning such campaigns and making them a success.

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