A social media campaign refers to an online marketing strategy of some coordinated activities to achieve a business goal within a particular time limit. As we all know, there are multiple benefits of social media and its usage is vast, therefore, in this campaign helps us to track and build brand engagement among the target audience. You can also incur the overall analytics and sales revenue outcomes with the help of tracking metrics while conducting the campaign. With the user interactive feature in a campaign, you can increase brand awareness and create a wide network in all the social media platforms. To create a good social media campaign you must understand its purpose and identify the moment when a company needs to boost itself through a campaign. Here is a list of benefits to make it easier for you to understand:

  1. Close interaction with the customers: A brand’s only motive is to attract more and more audience. You can only get their attention when you modify your product according to the audience’s choice. The more the interaction is stronger the more it’s going to benefit the goodwill of the company. A campaign closely deals with the audience choice. It allows customers to participate and engage with the brand activities. Social media is the only place where you can tap a maximum number of people, therefore, always aim towards making your campaign one of a kind.
  2. Brand Engagement: Campaigns directly increase brand engagement. This experience encourages the audience for repeat purchases and the overall engagement can also be tracked to closely understand the amount of response. It allows potential customers and loyal fans to share and contribute to the brand. The more you find the engagement the more you are near in achieving the company goals.
  3. Website Traffic: Website traffic is one of the major reasons for conducting a campaign. This generates visits on the website which increases the visibility power by using targeted content. Also if your social media strategy is not relevant then increasing traffic can become a difficult task and can duly hamper in generating sales. The more there is an increase in traffic on the website the more you will find opportunities to add new customers.
  4. Immediate sales: When a campaign is successful it creates excitement among the customers which leads to more demand and then it directly increases the sales.  The increase in immediate sales brings the brand to the highlight which ultimately increases the trust between the customer and the brand.

Now that we know why campaigning is an important social media strategy, let us learn how to conduct a successful campaign:

  1. Research: Research is important in every field. Before designing your own campaign you must keep yourself updated on how the competing brands are performing and what sort of strategies are being used by them. This will help you in building your own campaign in a unique manner. Also, learn about what kind of campaigns are being conducted by brands that are not your competitors.
  2. Why social media campaign? : Before designing your campaign you must be clear about the goals that you wish to achieve. Once you have identified the goals you must select the target audience. While creating your own content the audience choice should be your first priority. Other things to consider are following the current trends, putting out the appropriate information, being unique and being a respondent to the customers 24×7. Also, your campaign should have only ONE message.
  3. Create your own strategy: There are many campaigns conducted on a daily basis by all the top brands. Your content should be unique, attractive and user friendly. Choose the platform where your audience would like surfing the most. The more your idea is unique the more the audience will get attracted and would want to experience it.
  4. Promotions: The promotions should be done widely by your team. You must keep tracking every response and accordingly move further. Apply action-oriented hashtags, engage with the followers and keep updating the content. Also, forwarding the same message again and again will allow the customers to remember your brand for a long time.
  5. Scheduling: Use the appropriate tools where you can track the engagements and understand the analytics. Use tools such as hootsuite login to schedule posts and also modify the recently posted ones. The social media algorithm changes within minutes, therefore it is important to make the necessary changes and updates as soon as possible before the audience loses interest.
  6. Commonly used social media strategies in a campaign:
    a. Live streaming by influencers, where followers can connect to the brand directly.
    b . Contests and giveaways.
    c. collaboration with other reputed brands
    d. Challenges with hashtags and the list is endless.

A social media campaign with proper planning can lead you to many opportunities in promoting your brand worldwide. If you successfully make your place inside the heart of the customers then the multiple benefits of social media will directly impact the demand and supply of the product.

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