Start of new things is always exciting and fills one with a lot of anticipation. The rate with which the PR industry is evolving or has evolved in past five years will make you think about the ways changing technology has impacted the practice of Public Relations across globe. It has now become things many of us never imagined 5 years ago.

There are more tools available now to target and reach out to the masses with our brand messages leading to new business opportunities. Our audiences are rapidly adapting new technology and so shall our PR pros be doing. It is exciting time for new technology and luckily we are able to do things that will prepare us for an influx of new trends and technology- even if we are not yet ready for hosting press conferences via holograms.

Talking about how tools and tactics too have evolved and in many cases one is replaced by the other. Audiences have actually exploded where PR professionals now have the means to share their organisation’s story in a new or different manner- not just with media as intermediaries but directly with customers, industry, investors, etc.


This isn’t the first time when we are talking about how important tool your content is. And as far as the technology goes, the ability to create interactive content is not new. PR industry has had to up its game as the demand goes to creating high- quality visual content specifically tailored for the brand’s target audience.

From choose-your-own-adventure style info graphics to creating interesting quizzes, the future of press releases is going to bring interaction to an entirely new level. If thought about, this type of content will enable your customers to truly experience the news and take immediate action. Today’s PR demands a much deeper understanding of analytics and attribution to help public relations professionals produce more business driven results.


When we talk about wearable technology, the first thing to make an impression inside is an apple watch. Our required information is literally available at our hands in instant. We are actually entering into a world where we can see more, share more, interact more without any effort. As the adoption of technology, we will each be dialed into exchanging information back and forth in real time. The broad acceptance of technology at this level will make communication more tailored with ever evolving delivery means. Crafting shorter message for more responsiveness as your PR will have to consider communications that can be optimized for different types of technology.

Although the idea of ever connected and always on society raises a lot of challenges for the communicators but it is definitely fun to imagine the endless possibilities. Imagine, will your next video release be playing on someone’s watch?


It is not less than a rollercoaster ride to experience virtual reality as the immersive experience provides a different perspective to look at things. Some companies like The North Face have created VR experiences for their customers. And media company like The New York times are developing VR content that puts their subscribers into a news place we all could have imagined few years back. Imagine how good an idea it is to create VR tours for your audience for immersive brand awareness. PR companies in India are trying to widen the multiple platforms to maximize visibility for their brands.

The prospect of using Virtual Reality is fascinating. Just imagine if you have the capacity to interact with your customer anytime and anywhere, what would you say? Or where would you take them? Or what would you want to show them about your brand? As more traditional media accepts technology, will VR be soon a commonplace in media kits?

PR is well defined as problem solving for organisations and also about reaching and shaping how a customer sees one organisation. Being proactive and transparent is more important than ever while relationships remain at the heart of how we define PR then or now. Also, of course technology is just one part of the equation, if your story that you are telling is not interesting then only the means can get you so far.

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