The New Year is finally here and we welcome year 2016 with a hope that this year would be even better from that of 2015 in every terms. In 2015 India has experienced many good things, which does indicate that Indians masses are on their way to prosperity and well-being. Now, in case you are not a news-person you might not be aware of the major happenings of India In the year 2015.

Here we bring to you the Top 10 amazing thing about India 2015 which we think you must know. You don’t want to be nodding your head aimlessly in the middle of a conversation when you do not even know what the other person is talking about.

So read along and save yourself from such a situation.


Here we look at some of The Most Amazing Things that happened in India 2015 for the first time in Indian history.

  1. On 26 January 2015 For the first time India saw march of all Women contingent from Army Air Force and Navy. Truly a proud moment for India.
  2. Dallas Mavericks signed Satnam Singh Bhamara, making him the first Indian to be signed by an NBA team. As it is said passionate people can’t be stopped.
  3. Dipa Karmakar became first Indian Woman to have been able to make it to the finals of World Artistic Gymnastics Championships. No challenge is too big for this girl !!
  4. Joint Eid Prayers by Shia and Sunni in Lucknow. First time that they came together on Eid al-Adha. Peace Everywhere!The-Most-Amazing-Things-that-Happened


The Oil prices are always in the talks in India, petrol and diesel prices were touching highs in start of year 2015. An unexpected global meltdown in crude prices from start of January 2015, had forced government to capitalize on reducing prices in India. This turned out to be of immense joy to the Indian commuters as the reduced petrol and diesel prices took less toll on their pockets. Woohoo!! Now you can have more road trips with your friends.

Oil price


A remarkable achievement came from the space scientists of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO): these scientists not only successfully orbited on Red planet, but also did so in very first attempt. With this effort India became the first country to enter mars orbit in first attempt, which remained a real proud moment for each and every countryman. The MOM (Mars orbiter mission) spacecraft was designed, built and launched in record period of less than two years. India’s historic first mission to Mars is now celebrating one year orbiting the Red Planet and may continue working for years to come. During year one the spacecraft was highly productive, achieving its goals of takingoutstanding images and gathering scientific measurements to study Mars atmosphere, surface environments, morphology, and mineralogy.

India Mars Mission


The Cricket World Cup was held between February 14th and March 29th, 2015, and the hosts were Australia and New Zealand. Even though the Indian team was able to defeat Pakistan, we eventually lost to Australia in the knockout stage. Ultimately, Australia beat New Zealand in the Final to lift the World Cup Trophy.

The peak moment of this event was India Pakistan match, which resulted in generation over a hundred million impressions.

The tournament was watched by approximately 1 billion people and advertisers spent more than 1500 crores for the advertisements during the tournament.

world cup


After the 10 long years of campaign on Children’s right, Kailash Satyarthi became first Indian to get the prestigious Nobel Prize in year 2014, this moment was huge for each and every Indian.Recently in October, 2015, Kailash Satyarthi was also felicitated as the “Humanitarian of the year” by the Harvard Foundation.

Kailash Satyarthi addressing a press conference


One of India’s oldest practices which is also known as Yoga was enlisted in United Nations Organization. UN officially declared 21 June as a World Yoga Day. This was a moment of great pride. Credit of this has to be given to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who had requested UN to add yoga in lists of important days.

yoga day


The result of Narendra Modi’s visits to a number of countries across the world, has yielded in investments worth billions of dollars in India from China, Russia and Japan. These investment will help the country in its ongoing journey of digitalization which has been possible due to its becoming technically advanced. This will also result in getting new business opportunities in all sectors of the economy. Know more about the Top Indian startups that received Mammoth funding this year.

Foreign Investments


Everyone was talking when founders and CEOs of billion dollar companies visited India.

In October Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook visited India. He conducted a Town hall meeting at IIT Delhi campus; but who had thought that  whole exercise soon be turned into a PR exercise in no time for their controversial Free Basics program which to be nice, is not liked by many.

Google CEO SundarPichai’s visit was believed to be the most important one for India’s digital industry. He left no one in doubt that Google was supporting net neutrality in India and also made some more interesting announcements. The digital age has certainly come and a further boom is definitely expected in the coming years.



The El Nino phenomenon triggered Chennai rains, which soon resulted in the worst natural calamity of 2015. Over 400 people lost their lives and lakhs of people were displaced from their native places due to the never ending rains causing floods which wreaked havoc for the people of Chennai. The nature’s fury which was witnessed between September-December 2015 and certainly is the most tragic natural disaster of the year. However it was heart-warming to see many brands coming together providing relief and helping the people in need.

India Monsoon Flooding


It is certain that even if the film stars Salman Khan it is set to make millions.  Things like story, screenplay, logic etc. become secondary as a result of such stardom. However director Kabir Khan did something out of the box by casting everyone’s favourite Salman Khan in a role which was unique and something which he had never done before. Having all the features from a commercial superstar to an excellent script, BajrangiBhaijaan turned out to be one of the biggest hits not only of 2015 but also in the history of Bollywood. It was also one of the major hits of Salman’s career. This film certainly won millions of hearts and also made everyone cry tears of joy when Munni finally reunited with her mother due to the countless efforts taken by our very own Bajrangi Bhaijaan.



This year was great for Indian tennis as Sania Mirza won all major titles such as BNP Paribas Open women’s doubles title, women’s doubles title at the Sydney International, women’s doubles title at the 2015 Miami Open, women’s double title at the 2015 Wimbledon Championships,women’s double title at the 2015 China Open. Majority of these titles she won with Swiss partner Martina Hingis. This helped her to reach the number 1 rank in the Women’s double category.

sania mirza

To sum up, there has been a lot which has happened in India 2015. From the much hyped US president Obama’s visit on Republic Day to the New Delhi State Elections with AAP emerging victorious. From helping evacuate people from Yemen to helping victims of the Nepal earthquake which affected many parts of India. From celebrating the first Yoga day to the launching of the Digital India programme by prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi. From The telecom regulatory authority of India (TRAI) mandating that the telecom operator will have to pay Rs.1 for each call drop from Jan 1, 2016 onwards to toor dal prices reaching a mind boggling Rs.200 per KG in retail, we have seen almost everything happen in India 2015.

We stood together as Indians and helped the people in need and somehow got through. This has been the highlight of this year. Hope the same happens in 2016. Wish you all a great and exciting year ahead !!