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This Year’s Trending Web Designs

We have slid halfway through the year 2016 and it’s been partly good and bad for most of us. There has always been a trend of evolution, from fashion to technology; the idea to evolve never fades out. Every year we see a change in the trend of web designs and honestly, it seems promising this year too. Every digital marketing company is pretty well updated with what is best for their client’s benefit.

The first thing we see on top is Micro Interactions.

From a ‘ding’ notification on your mobile screen indicating a new ‘like’ on your Instagram post to turning an alarm OFF by tapping on the color change button to indicate its function is what we mean by Micro-interactions. Often, users do not think twice while engaging into these micro-interactions between the major ones. The idea is simple, to increase user satisfaction and willingness to engage.

The next thing in the loop is Rich Animation.

The whole feel and look of your website depends on the kind of animations you have incorporated. Letting your marketing agency work in the space of their expertise will result in some fabulous user engagement and add up to the personality of your brand. However, these animations range in a scale from a tiny spinner to a full blown illustration resulting in more lively and smoother interaction.

Another aspect of this year’s trend is the idea of Material Design.

When we say material design, Instagram is one such example that pops up every time in our heads. Aim for a clean, futuristic, modern design to make it responsive on every user device stimulating for a better user engagement. Whereas, Google’s design aesthetics has been able to garner much praise so far.

Another is Using More Vibrant Colors

Last year, we saw the trend of bright colors, and this year it has just gone up. Expect larger palettes with more vibrant colors on your website from your digital designer. From using a duotone to overlaying a picture, from embedding the right color for the right emoticon or button and to highlighting the keywords/ buttons, it is considered to be more useful for minimal sites and also helps distinguish the content from the layout.

It’s time that you inculcate these basic design trends for a better web presence in the market amongst your competitors. We have learned few trends behind this year’s popular web trends and there are a lot of website design as well as digital marketing companies in the league to provide you with all of the above amazements for a better future.

In closing, never apply trends because they look beautiful, but apply them only if it suits your business and benefits the users.