Almost every entrepreneur hopes to get their business in press and for most of them PR is a mystery. They see their competitors in press and fight hard to figure out the magic formula. It’s something that every business wishes for but finds it difficult and elusive to achieve.

Generally, client’s longings for Tier 1 media coverage are misguided.  Public Relations is a valuable process and good press coverage in Tier 1 media outlet can open doors but one should know how to make use of the gained publicity.

Public Relations basically is a strategy based communication process that aims to build mutually beneficial relations between the organization and their public. It is not something that has evolved in the 21st century, instead it’s a very old technique used to connect with people and informing them. The main aim of companies to have a PR agency is to get their business in the media, maintaining its presence and establishing good relations with the public.

Here are a few step by step frameworks that will earn you those shiny features for your landing page. 


Accepting only features and profile pieces in major media outlets severely diminishes your chances of getting covered. You must always think like a reporter or journalist while pitching your business to them.

Your business is never as interesting for them as it is for you; hence it’s important that you just don’t pitch what your company does, pitch a compelling angle related to it.


As most journalist, reporters or bloggers take their own time to do things. It’s important that you stay available to their schedules. They might not connect with you as per your convenience. Keep in mind that there are tons of businesses trying to get the word out through press and journalists have lengthy lists of sources willing to answer their questions. Hence, putting your own terms forward for work should be avoided. If you want the exposure you are looking for, then be available, be timely and accommodating.


Those getting covered in Tier1 media outlets have worked tirelessly and have already pitched their stories to the editors countless times. Success requires PR to be viewed as a long-term strategy. Have realistic expectations going on and be ready to get rejected in first few times. You begin with building relationships with them and making them aware about your brand through pitching, re-pitching and number of follow-ups. Even if a journalist commit on doing a story on your company, it might take time to actually get in the mediums. Maintain your patience and be strategic. Good publicity is worth both the wait and the effort.


Keep in mind a mere fact that your brand might interest your local media as you started your company in that city and it might also get you quick coverage. Once you are there, you can always work your way out to higher media outlets using the credibility from that article. Create a list of publications from your city and journalists who cover the domain your brand belongs to. You could also include your college magazines in the list as they love featuring success stories of their graduates. Tier 2 and small media outlets also provides business exposure, credibility of the third party and traffic. While you’re chasing national media mentions you should flex your pitching muscles by building relationships with writers in smaller outlets. Networking is the key that leads to successful PR.


It’s important to also attach a few visuals to your text pitch. Try to visually explain what your company is and what sets it apart. We all are aware to the fact that visual content interests us more than written and the less time you take to interest your journalist, the less likely your pitch will get forgotten or skipped.

Overall, it’s important for brands to target media which are related to the industry they are in. Always try to build a relationship with them before you start pitching about what your brand/ company does. You should always focus on building a contact and maintaining good relations widens opportunities that many at times leads to successful PR and growth of business. Hiring a PR agency will not just take away your burden in terms of publicity but will get you the strategized awareness and help you establish yourself as a credible source which will ultimately benefit your brand.

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