SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The search engine looks after a lot of factors to rank your page. And one of the most important of all is the choice of keywords you make and whether or not it is relevant to the content you are writing.  The most frequent question that is asked is; why do we need search engine optimization? The answer is pretty simple, the way you prepare content for your website or say the digital media marketing agency you hired does for you shall be in a way that the search engines are able to maximize the efficiency and speed in the execution for you.

Do you wonder why the post you published have not got the 1st page ranking? May be because the use of SEO was not there or wasn’t correct. The digital marketing company or say the online marketing company for your firm knows the proven method to be followed to rank higher in the search engine. Optimizing the article in the simplest yet smart way so that the search engine is easily able to track keywords and web it to the top rankings in the first page and so is the goal for your marketing agency.

Quickly a few ‘do’s and don’ts’ you need to keep in mind for better ranking:

  • Place a keyword in the title of your post.
  • Keyword in your first paragraph.
  • The longer the length of your post, the better it is but do not increase the length unnecessarily.
  • If you’re adding any images to your post, optimize the size before uploading.
  • Make sure at the end of the post you have social sharing buttons floating.
  • Do not exceed the keyword density by more than 1.25%
  • Do not use the h1 tags (headline tags) more than once.
  • Do not place keywords in the post where it is not unnecessary, the search engine for once may track you to the higher order but you may ruin you reader base.

These are the few SEO techniques or factors that need to be kept in mind to make your post SEO-proof. Lastly, having a solid site technical structure and user navigation is one of the top tactics you need to keep in mind.


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