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Vibrant Workplaces Enhance Creativity and Productivity

Vibrant Workplaces Enhance Creativity and Productivity at Scroll Mantra –

According to Neha Bajaj, Managing Director and Founder, Scroll Mantra “As per reports, people who work from a well laid out office space are up to 32% more productive and result oriented. Considering the fact that employees form a foundation on which an organization builds and flourishes, their comfort and prosperity is the prime responsibility of the organisation. I believe investing in a well-designed workspace has served the dual purpose of enhancing the brand’s reputation and also boosting the enthusiasm of the employees.”

An office for creative minds needs a space that is inspiring and comfortable enough for interactive sessions, creative thinking and devising ground-breaking strategies. Scroll Mantra’s office has a sophisticated, contemporary and vibrant design.

After deciding to move to a new office space, Neha Bajaj met with various interior designers to finalize the design for the new office. Only when she met Sandhya Seth and Mohan Chandran, designers from Kreative Strokes, an Interior Design firm, a connection was sparked and the three of them hit it off. Being on the same wavelength, brainstorming and agreeing on creative ideas was as easy as a hot knife through butter.

With Neha’s creative mind, Sandhya’s architectural expertise, and former IAF Group Captain Mohan Chandran’s discipline, the project was executed seamlessly and efficiently. Here we have an office that so precisely conforms to what was envisaged.

The use of striking pops of colours and brilliantly placed tan-coloured wooden framework to increase storage make the entire space aesthetically marvellous. The addition of small elements like the green leather sofas, the geometric navy blue table, and the beautiful framed tangerine-coloured modern cabinet adds to the ambience of the place.

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