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What is Google Optimise and How to Use it to Run A/B Tests

Google Optimise

Google Optimise is a free platform offered by Google through which you can conduct tests and personalize your website. The platform is absolutely free and is publicly available and helps to test your web page in a quick and easy manner.

All businesses have increasingly started using Google Ads. It is gradually becoming the best medium for the instant lead generation. However, to be able to create such ads, you first need to create a landing page where the audience will be redirected to after clicking on the ads.

Before creating a landing page, it is very important to understand and analyse which design can lead to higher conversions. This is where Google Optimise comes in.

In order to boost conversions on your page, you need to create an experiment known as A/B testing on Google Optimise. This is a free tool making it a perfect solution for small and medium-sized enterprises that need to conduct powerful tests.

Requisite for A/B Testing on Google Optimise

To kick-start A/B testing on your website with the help of Google Optimise, you need to first connect your website to Google Analytics and Google Optimise.

Once Google Optimise has been successfully set up on your website, you need to add a Google Optimise extension on your chrome browser. This extension will enable you to use Optimise Visual Editor to create test variants on your website by changing the text, image, layouts and more.

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