For years, social media has been becoming increasingly popular for businesses to grow deeper and wider, especially when the world is going digital in all ways. After Facebook & Twitter made their mark for users to connect and influence, next to the fall in line was Instagram. After surpassing Twitter in the number of users, Instagram stands right behind Facebook in the popularity quotient.  Also, for a lot of businesses, Facebook and Twitter are generating lesser organic exposure, hence by using Instagram they are expanding the nets a little wider.. However, the social media agency you have on board should chose the right social media marketing mix for the brand to ensure maximum visibility and engagement. So before you are sold on the idea of creating an official page for your business, hang on a bit and think if it’s right for you.

  • If your target audience is blossoming & young
  • If your competitors are already there on this platform
  • If what you’re selling is visually enchanting

So if your social media marketing agency feels that your business fits in the right frame to be on Instagram keeping the above points in mind then let yourself explore the awesomeness of Instagram.


Now that there’s been a shift from desktop/laptop to mobile phones, people are all set to explore new trends. The facts from the year 2015 clearly show that there has been 59% up shift on the time spent on smartphones than on desktops or laptops. Hence, it has become the primary way through which users are accessing online content.

Perhaps, the clear winner here is Instagram as it was originally conceived as a mobile app and its responsiveness on this smart device is any day better than these which were technically made for desktop and have been endlessly struggling with a number of updates to beautifully integrate features.


There is a lot of surety here as your followers are actually following you and that is completely different from Facebook & Twitter, where the users get to choose and edit their feed view. Instagram has no such feature; you either have a follower or you don’t. Obviously, the more attractive and appealing your post is, the higher the chances of them viewing it.


You talk hashtags here. The users engage more when your hashtags and content marketing are on point. Repost, comments, likes show how well engaged your users are. The clean, streamlined and focused attention on the visuals makes it a better place for a killer PR and some brand awareness.


It is as difficult as an elevator pitch. So if you are a start-up and you have a client right in front of you on the elevator as you move up/down, tell them why should they work with you in 50-90 seconds, POOF! So is with Instagram here, you got to share a story in the single post that creates awareness and compels them to at least view you properly.

So are you all set to plunge on Instagram? Wait; let your social media company strategize it for you. Also, only if you think you can tell your story visually and rock it there.