In the market today, competition is ruthless and every day we hear about new marketing startup’s coming up and trying to capture the market. Huge competition has its pros and cons, which can be very significant for the purpose of getting business. There are companies which offer Digital Marketing services, where social media marketing is included. Other companies are PR agencies, Content Writing agencies and Graphic Designing agencies, which are mostly outsourced.

An integrated communications company is one which can help you with your complete communication needs, which includes, Internet Marketing or Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Designing, Public Relations and website development. An integrated communications agency or company is always benefited with the effect of synergy, where all the services they offer make them bigger adding up to their influence in the market to get business.

When a company appoints an integrated communications agency, they are benefited in the following ways:

1. Everything is under one roof: When one company handles all the digital marketing grounds and PR work; it becomes very easy for the client to approach them. The client does not have to keep track of different agencies or companies. There is one point of contact which is extremely feasible to the client.

2. Saves time and manpower: The client has to liase with only one agency which takes the responsibility of all the work, and this saves a lot of time for the client, and since all the work is done by experts, chances of error gets reduced and this saves a lot of manpower and resources.

3. Economies of Scale: When all the communication business is outsourced to an integrated communications company it becomes more economical for the client as they can negotiate for better rates.

4. Integrated Campaigns: It is the age of integrated campaigns. Brands are essentially targeting bigger campaigns to create more buzz about the product. It is imperative that the key message that goes out speaks the same language. Hence having an integrated communications agency helps since it ensures a common message. Because of the total experience of an integrated company they know what makes a customer tick.

5. Meeting Deadlines: Since most work of communications is interlinked and one agency is handling all, the task gets comfortably and shortly. Mostly the Graphic designing work needs to be uploaded into the social or digital marketing field, content writing has to work with both PR as well as digital marketing, all of this gets done at a pace, if it’s all outsourced to one integrated communications agency.

Integrated communication companies are a better deal for companies who are looking for outsourcing their business, and a decision of handing the business to one such company is a very logical decision which not only saves time but also offers a good cost benefit.