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Why You Need To Sync SEO with Public Relations

Think trouble, if your brand isn’t showing up on search results to the potential bloggers, influential journalists, and your dear audience. Your company’s newsroom is fortunately the place where all your media contacts, press releases, executive bios, customized videos, pitching, new clients and other important information is hosted. Your public relations and SEO goes hand in hand and there is a thing or two, in fact many, really, to consider about Search Engine Optimization to get most out of your business, especially if you’re working as a PR practitioner.

As search engines are trusted to be the most validating and finding source, and there shall be enough conscious effort to be put in optimization of content to be found or else Google might not just even know that you exist.

With Search Engine Optimization weapon your PR can be of most value as it has all to do with quality and relevant content for the benefit of your audience and you. For a lot SEO might also sound like a technical skill but it isn’t. It is a must have tool in a PR or Marketing kit. Unfortunately the most underutilized strategy in this communications or media industry. If your fortunes are great then you might land up with a public relations firm that gives enough emphasis on the SEO techniques and strategy.

To let your content roar it gets of supreme importance to optimize your newsroom to make it more journalist-friendly. No human spends more than 20 seconds on a site if he/she doesn’t find the relevant content and moves on to other, with this you shall too say goodbye to your brand exposure! Your articles shall be point of contact information for your audience and must contact expert sources, at least in few. Most importantly it should be easy to understand.

Next that is trending to rank your profile or website better on Google is your website’s ‘mobile-friendliness’ apart from the Search Engine Optimisations. If your website is catering easy access to smartphone’s smaller screens, then, congratulations, you might be ranked better from those who are not. It is not just about the dependence and popularity of smartphones but a positive and positional service in the age of mobile.

While in the era of social media, your profile or bios shall be arranged with good keywords and hash tags. We have discussed about the Search Engine Optimization using techniques in our article earlier as well. Also, remember while uploading optimized pictures for your content on website make sure the images are attractive and shall extent viewers for longer engagement.